“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, February 6, 2012

TIs Often Get Picked On By Bullies Not Just Perps Becuz They Can Smell Fear

The crack heads all finally acted out where they screwed up and got kicked out. The one older black lady however has until the end of the week and it doesnt look like she wil be moving but thats yet to be seen. The obnoxious fat black woman Fay with her room off the kitchen is still a problem. The supervisor saya they have always had complaints about her. I notice however that she actually explained herself tonight about why she doesnt want anyone in the dining room at night sitting in there even if they r quiet. Shes says she can't sleep knowing theres someone outside her room. Personally i just think shes as territorial as an animal. Shes definitely a pain in the ass to others here.

I dont trust any of this nor anyone here. Now theres rumours being put out about this other woman becoming house manager. Either these people are as stupid as they seem or these are really pathetic attempts at mind games. I like one of the girls here who has a hard time staying clean. Even started a meeting and getting her involved in recovery but shes the sort of person who has to get her own way and she does it passively. But one cqn feel the force of Will. Shes very clever about setting up dynamics to make things go her way.
I sense that some people in the house want me to go next. U can simply feel it coming off them. Many of these total morons have been trying to hammer away at me like constantly being a bit bitchy or passively aggressively making fun of me. Funny how those are the people who got busted smoking crack.
I dont trust one of the supervisors either but really I shouldnt trust any of them. After that guy made that arrogant comment the other day (yet ran away when the police came) " You can BE controlled" it just makes a person more paranoid. I bet the women pretending to befriend me are quietly discussing either how mental I am or how paranoid.

I dont understand what the system wants from me. I dont have the money to leave the country which seems like ultimately what they want. My health wont allow it either.

But I will say this: after dealing with harassment nationwide as I have from citizens across this country my feelings as a teenager of hatred towards common people have fully returned. I agree with the elite in large part that humans are just dumb animals who behave like beasts and can not govern themselves at all and need or want to be ruled.

I was never writing my book, delivering my message for everyone. Only to those worthy enough to deserve a chance. And that would be those who want a chance to understand whats really going on in the 21st century. Its all about free Will. Its up to each individual.
If you know about black projects and the horror of what our world has become and you choose to take part then you've chosen your path. Someone like that doesnt need to read my book. But they dont deserve freedom either becuz they choose to decieve thier fellow man. Some may find this strange but the most brutal and destructive involved in this are the least hated by me. They are in the way of delivering a message but I understand that is their function in the chess game. Other chess pieces dont bother me. Even the most Satanic brutal ones that try so hard to work to destroy the Luciferian system by making what is impersonal very personal and what is cold math and logic into beastly hatred. Its their function to destroy structures such as this and bring hate into human lives to so that the person destroys themselves.

Who I loathe most are the people who arent overt about what they are. And are weak-nothings without the mob mentality or the mobs that literally form within gs campaigns. So many common people are aware of my situation. Yet they are Christian or have to hide behind seemingly normal lives to be able to pull of f*cking someone like me over. They are the most vile of all. The mulitides of average and common people in on gs. Who knows how much they truly know about the case. I have seen these dolts handle info like MPD and ritual abuse families. They are the typical careless animals and handling a Targeted Survivor they break what is delicate machinery. The perps know the public are simply horrid animals, i mean the kinds of people who are in on gs campaigns. Staff at banks, office types, homeless people, city workers, small business types especially contractors like electrical, plumbing etc. Frickin nobodies. And their are so damn many of these people in the USA. They are so ignorant and so incapable of appreciating what is beautiful and rare and valuable, so unrefined that they have no conscience about destroying Targeted Survivors of programming and RA.

The elite know this and at this point I absolutely cannot blame them for wanting to use mass mind control via tech, chemicals and psychological warfare on the public of various nations. I truly see their point.
If the people have the power of mobs then that right there shows their lack of intelligence. It must be scary being in a position of power and seeing everything in overview, realizing that entire populations of humans are just apes, monkeys with similar behavior.

Then again I am convinced that gang stalking creates Hitlers and tyrants purposely anyway.

The only answer is to just put the info out there and let whoever wants it use it to not be enslaved. The beauty of this is that in order to do so they will have to live up to the challenge of being truly Willful and self governing
The information itself will work this way I personally dont have to do anything but deliver it.

After my task is fulfilled I can get on with getting the homeless industry revised and improved. I can move on to living and making something my responsiblity that will truly be mine. This damn book is something I am programmed to do, like a task in a computer. Its nothing more than a final courier job. Thats all.

Its laughable how everyone around me for this duration has made it so personal.
The ongoing, infinite chess game with the Luciferian system is not personal. Its the most impersonal thing in existence. The sun shining in day and the moon coming out at night feels more personal than the simplicity of the game.
Thats why they mess you up so hard and bring hate into your life. So you cant play chess properly. So you are reduced to just an ape, a monkey. Living off fear and hatred. Its proven that fear makes it hard for us to reason. To think logically. I can stay logical now under duress but the fact is is that I live daily under duress. There has been no time in years when I was truly able to make moves in say, the game they have been playing with me
concerning all the things I could actually sue for that are accepted as believable. Theres no way I could have focused or can focus on those things.
It matters little if kinds of people I am forced to live among know my story or not or understand whats going on in part or not. The system knows that these types will destroy me and get in my way constantly anyway.
I have little choice but to live amongst, low intelligence, losers, the ignorant and dysfunctional people. The gs system doesnt allow you to live in any other environment.

The problem is that the animals that live down here can sense weakness and take advantage of it. A TI is someone who has been tortured. Literally. Often in order to avoid snapping we will become very conscientious people and try to help people or make things more just around us. This morality if u will along with the ' break' in the person, that weakness caused by being beat down by gang stalking is what attracts predators and bullies.

When I was younger this moron accidently smashed a plastic chair leg on my head and left a cut thats now a scar. Some very big men came to the house and forced him to apoligize but to this day I still want him to have a permanent scar where I have one as revenge. Without that I cant process the scar. I look at it every day in the mirror but Ive never really acknkwledged that its real. I simply keep myself in a state of suspended time on he the issue-as if its not there.
Same thing with my pinky that got bit off by that dog at Mary Holiday's house when she tried to make me her free slave labor. I simply dont deal with it.
There are way more Survivors of mind control projects than just the ones you hear about. Very few people are capable of fighting the gs system and also few are willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause of exposing the cult(s). Especially when connected to spying, drug running etc.