“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, February 2, 2012

No One Gets In My Way

I guess the neighborhood I am in wants me to go o war with them and have it cleanes up by force. Ill call the fuckin feds if the cops dont do their job (u can't have it both ways u corrupt greedy bastards).

I cant even walk through the neighborhood after dark without massive corner to corner gang stalkng and stray dogs or Johns. (I know its gs becuz its tactical). There must be so many scumbag pedophiles down here.
Armed to the teeth is whst u need here. Pepper spray, firecrackers, bb gun, knife, flame thrower for the dogs who walk oit of thier yards and get aggresive. And a taser for both human dogs and four legged ones. He men are so arrogant down here. They seriously need to learn who u cwn fuck with and who u cant. They need to learn what kind of white people live in the north becuz obviously they never left this hole and went to NY or Boston. They need a serious beat down. And with no cops in sight becuz they CHOOSE to not patrol the area properly I could get away with alot. Go ahead try and stop me. I aint leaving and I am not moving. In fact this is where I am going to start my lawsuit and write my expose. And this neigjborhood is going to host me and behave and mind their business as I do so.

If not there will be consequences. I am a Cedrone. And I am my uncle's blood. Do u honestly think that I cant pull it off or I dont have ths heart or rhe balls.

For some reason this neighborhood pisses me off more than other places in the country. Its the arrogance. Mostly male, only once some little hood rat Mexican girl said some overtly personal shit to me in a supermarket then of course one of the staff accused me of stealing and security may or may not have been in on it. I will call corporate. Ill get people fired on being racist.

Its an election year here right?

Do not fuck with me. And if I show up at town or district meetings constantly causing trouble demanding change in the neighborhod be thankful I didnt choose to form a vigilante gang and go the route kf my family.

I will force every asshole out of this neighborhood and down on his knees.

Keep fucking with me.

And dogs who leave thier yards are going to start disappearing.

I dont like ignorant aggression IN MY WAY. NOBODY GETS IN MY WAY

No one gets in my way.