“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dream This Morning Illustrates Continued Attempts At Control

Had this dream that Jake bought a rooming house just so I could live there. He actually sloke to me and felt sorry about what he did. Of course the twist was that he lied about buying the place and had left me there so I would be dumb enough to sign myself into being committed to this institution which I avoided by figuring it out. I forget what happened when I confronted him. I just let it go I think becuz I still had feelings for him and at least he was talking to me and I think having sex with me again.
It was the nicest hes ever been to me in a dream since these dreams of him started years ago.

But then I got reminded of the stuff he was pulling behind my back when he was actually with me and i was reminded that the people around me- people in general couldnt be trusted.

These dreams which feature him and are obviously manipulative usually occur on the road and near a military base.

I know it seems foolish to be staying as near a base as I am now especially one that was involved with the radiation end of the experimentation connected to MK Ultra but if u look on a map there is nowhere in the US where you r away from a base there are so many. I am not going to live in Montana or Oregon where the map claims they're are only a few in the state or none up in that area.

Remember my bizarre experience driving through Wyoming? Miles of an entire state that has a worse effect on you than anything near an official listed base or cell tower ridden city ever could. Most likely these are areas where there is some sort of hidden presence. Military or something else.

When you travel alot in general you see things stationary humans do not experience. Every kind of traveler has stories. But traveling outside the normal travel system you experience things as they are on the ground. You make many miles in trucks, you travel on the highways and see everything as it is. You walk through cities and not as a tourist with money either
Imagine if news sources did this and not just decided what was news. Imagine if live correspondants were travelers outside the tourist/business system like backpackers are. An entire national network. You could have coverage of what is truly happening out there. People arent interested becuz they are trapped in this false environment created by humans that they believe is ' the real world' which is just an agreed upon reality based in Americas mainsteam system. Thats not whats out here-believe me. Its a hell of alot more bizarre then they are telling people and theres alot of things going on that dont fit in with their version of reality or news reports.

By sitting in building constantly plugged into Pre Recorded Light And Sound Images you are experiencing a constructed, false reality. You are tethered and kept, contained and ruled.
Youd be better off being contained inside and creating your own reality. At least you'd be truly alive somehow. Traveling, meeting people, seeing how it really is-its the ultimate.

Thats how I know many times I am being manipulated. Its not normal for me to still be even thinking about Jake. If things had gone normally in life I would have moved on.
These manioulations serve a dual purpose. To make me look mentally ill to outsiders or people who refuse to believe gs exists and to ruin my life until I die. This system has utilized Jake's image for years, focusing on the betrayal (that they helped orchestrate) and being unable to fight the power structure he is suplosedly connected to now. His image has beeen used extensively by this system to cause me to suicide.

No one around me was very sturdy anyway and the system knows this. Once you ace getting from under the comtrol of your biological family and gods forbid, start to shed control from the internal systems, you will be chased and hounded for life until you are under control again. Zero freedom.

You just have to ignore all these things and its very hard. Its always in the interest of mind control or behavior modification just remember that.

During the early 2000's they actually had dream states going that were very obviously fake and created by technologies. It felt military. (The human beings behind interface whether psychic or techno-psychic always give away their own presence many times). It was that annoying dream I had where someone was trying to find out what I was really about. It was very anti-terror. Most of the stuf from that time period consisted of the system trying to find out what suspected terrorists were really thinking, so they know obviously that mind controlled and programmed terrorists exist. But often I experienced that they didnt know everything or all they shoukd. I guess the people behind black projects keep them hidden even from most of the military and intelligence.
Its naive to think the military isnt up to alot more than they let on.
They know other factions program people. The point is to ensure the public never believe such things exist generally.