“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To My New Southern Hosts

Guess watsa gonna happen? You neocon scum down here including the shit who was in power when many TIs lives were destroyed by this system- you are going to pay my medical bills. And my food too. And all the jerk corporate scum involved in activities like these and we musn't forget our lovely military. (Do any of actually pay taxes? Or when your shill lawyers are done you pay like $1 a year?).

Considering the military base just south of here was directly involved with the radiation experiments my mother was victim of (though not administered at that specific facility), and your SYSTEM INTIMIDATED HER OUT OF GOING TO TESIFY AT THE PRESIDENT'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE IN 1995 and we both have auto immune issues as I was an egg in her womb...I figure theres some.sort of justice in this.

And guess what else. Yer gonna kiss my ass and make it all better motherf*ckers.

And if one little hair on my head is injured in any mysterious mishap (like dying during a simple procedure for instance) I and my protectors I am sure, will ensure a fate worse than death.

Yeah, you are gonna help ME for once to realize my vision as I exert my Will.

And your little Mexican friends are going to comply eventually as well. (The mafia doesnt pay taxes though does it).

Just thought Id let you know...your my bitches now. And I am going to have a field day seeing how much I can get while I am here.

And Im not leaving.

Understand? Good enough then.