“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lords Of Chaos Author


So one of the shits that wrote that coffee table, cover up book Lords Of Chaos is from Boston, specifically spending time messing around in Harvard Sq.

He has ties to COS and seems to hate anyone "hypocritical": those using violent images who live more like "hippies".

What I hate is outsiders who write books about scenes they had nothing to do with, especially when its obvious they are doing so FOR THE MAN and the mainstream system as well as to COVER UP WHAT REALLY GOES ON in that scene.

Ahh the Bush era. Releasing biographies or similar as a way to cover your ass was the thing to do. Steven Tyler covered his ass with one (second time, first being a band effort all due to his ex wife's expose it seems by looking at the timing.), my former associate made sure her BU professor French whore friend Jeanette Angell wrote a nice book to cover her ass and illegal activities as well, all during the time my old friend was assisting in my having my life destroyed and when that sh*t Peter Beste put out that coffee table book and those bands did very well during Bush's/Hayden's administration. Some of them going to jail for rape or mutilple instances of torturing people-when too much real info was beginning to surface as their popularity increased, viola! This book appears to guide gullible people's opinions about the scene.
Church Of Satan equates at some point with army psy ops officer and former Temple Of Set high priest Michael Aquino, which then leads to some of the most brutal and effective psy ops campaigns by the US military and of course his paper Mind War which outlines and conceptualizes the plan for world enslavement via mass mind control as well as targeting of specific individuals.

I'm glad Varg Vikernes panned the book.

That whole scene is suspect to me. Everyone is just about MK Ultra age, Gen Xers. Connected to oil wealth and a favorite of Nazi occultists due to being most Aryan in appearance and culture. What was Varg's father doing working for Saddam Houssein if thats true?

I admire the understanding that materialism and finance tries to undermine their intensity but its already happened it seems. I dont know if black metal singers should be designing clothes or if bands should be opening wineries or worse: touring with members of Slipknot.
But in a world wide enslavement of anyone who ISNT elite, wouldn't the elite decieve and sell out the public? Like say stop making genuinely raw, energy producing music and sell out the now interested general public to sounds manufactured to purposely NOT produce energy or illuminate? Thats exactly what they've done.

Varg is just doing his own thing. He even writes that he would go to techno clubs to hide in the corner, observe and escape the horrible herd mentality of the scene.
Theres always going to be the loner and the crowd and those who prefer to sympathize with one or the other.

As far as how violent they are, theyve done a hell of a job containing it publicly. Its as if the things that do make media are to serve as diversions away from the rest of the scene.
I still cannot believe no one entertains any questions about exactly how someone can slice their own throat and wrists, walk around their house and then shoot themselves in the head. Then their body is miraculously discovered by somone who rearranges the crime scene and takes totally tasteless photographs. And its not questionable if that incident is directly related to that person's murder later on??

Its been written that Mossad was very interested at one point in what these Odinist Satanist Nazis were up to. On one hand I cant say I blame them yet with what they themselves pull on a world wide scale to manipulate things to their best interests one can't say its not inevitable people react against their culture.

There is no doubt that there is a Satanic conspiracy to enslave mankind very much desired by the elite and fueled by the military and the private sector. Much of what came from the Nazis is being used as in Project Paperclip. Michael Aquino its been written has ties to Nazi occultists and holds Nazi occultism in high regard.

However I have experienced the use of many blacks in gang stalking as well as Israelis and Jews. Israeli media psy ops and Hollywood are extremely nasty as well. Aquino admits to not wanting to piss off Jewish members of TOS and the COS has always welcomed Jews as well as LaVey having been a Jew himself.

I think the Jewish elite will go along with whatever gets Israel what it wants. Israel got much of what it wanted under Bush yet the Norwegian black metal scene had its height of popularity and success during the Bush years.
The elite want mass mind control to work and that seems like the bottom line. When it comes to issues like this I think they all stick together.

For instance I may have had White supremacists helping me in MI becuz they disapproved of "niggers chasing you around the country" yet they themselves still stalked and harassed me and saw to it I was decieved and enslaved, kept down and silenced.

The Norwegian black metal scene is connected to the Satanic and military forces that seek to utilize technologies to enslave the masses.
Just becuz the Chrstian god is "dead. DEAD!" doesnt mean that the only alternatives are European paganism strictly tied into dark forces. (How can a deity be dead that only exists as long as humans have faith in it...??)
I notice no one is mentioning or marketing other parts of our ancient past considering that European countries and cultures are varied. The old gods of the Slavs or the Romans are not those of the Nordic peoples. Many of us Americans have multiple European ancestries thus many alternatives to Abrahamic religions that would be genuine due to being rooted in our genetics.

To deny Abrahamic religions from the Middle East might be in order once and for all. However to cleverly make it appear as if Satan is the only alternative is a deception. And very opportunistic.

More than Satan, the Jews fear ancient Egypt and Zoroastrianism. Any ancient system that shows they aren't at the root of humanity. This is what they seek to stamp out..not suprisingly these are very Aryan places especially Afghanistan and Iraq etc.

This trying to make this kind of scene socially acceptable is totally insanely but that is what the world has become. One black metal musician of note once said that the world must now be a very different place than before for his music and this scene to be of interest at all or accepted by the public.

But then again he already knew that was going to be the case didn't he?

To tell the truth what Ive experienced is this scene has people who know alot about magick and whats going on in the world. They may be wise and they may be elite but it doesn't mean they are the way.
We live in a world where increasingly we are told what we should believe in and its a very cult like experience. The only way to make the 'Satanic Age' come to pass is to utilize mass mind control. Every single day in a large part of the world human beings are kept under control with technologies and chemical managements such as chemtrails, definitely psych meds.

In a strange twist if you are smart enough...or privvy to information this scene carries with it information which gives you an opportunity to not be enslaved. Which is ironic, becuz Satanists are very much into anti human, anti life and the enslavement of mankind. Gorgoroth has lyrics that clearly state "2003/enslave mankind". The beauty of all this is that its supposed to be all make believe. Harmless songs.

Considering Ive always been a Humanist which they seem to not like anyway I am writing this becuz I understand that offering this path as an only way out of various kinds of enslavement including Judeo-Christianity is a deception.

The only thing that makes the old gods live again is if people believe in them. If you get a strong core of people like this you are going to create energy.

When you realize whats really going on with mass mind control you understand there's no movement out there big enough to combat it or support those fighting it. Certainly not Christianity for those of us who have read too much history to know better. But this shouldn't be the only other alternative. Often it is, becuz they seem to speak of whats going on out there and they aren't taking a victim mentality. They are speaking from the place of the oppressor actually. They look alot more attractive to us than Bush or Cheney or Rockefeller though don't they? This is largely the con.
Its more than just an odd curious scene. And its more dangerous than any book could ever illustrate-or would be allowed to for that matter.

Just remember ONE thing: "Lords Of Chaos/Everyone Against Everyone". Thats all the wisdom you need in whats going on right now.