“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Puppy Causes A House To Breakdown

Alot of this upheaval and change for the worst bas been caused by one thing: a puppy.
Yes an unruly, stupid obnoxious puppy that was brought home by...gues who? The woman who's now going to be taking over. Hmph.

This older woman whos here, a co supervisor I always noted how she wanted everyone to take care of this obnoxious animal yet it was supposed to be HER dog.
This animal has gotten the supervisor's well behaved guard dog to act as stupid as she does lately. They constantly harass tenants while eating, mess up the furniture and the house. When I first arrived the co supervisor and the woman taking over soon as supervisor couldnt even establish which one of them owned the dog. They kept switching stories about whos animal it was and whos responsibility. After I made a stink to the owner about the puppy having fleas, worms and not paying rent but I do things improved. However the puppu continues to go to the bathroom in the house and often tenants have to take care of this. The dog is getting bigger and still isnt being trained. It tries to bite when you pick it up and its not in the mood to be picked up. Not a problem now but will be later.

What we have here are two irresponsible conniving women who have basically conspired to take over this house and if their behaviors and attitudes towards the tenants concerning this animal are any indication of the total disregard they will have for them on other issues then the house is going downhill fast next month.
The current supervisor and her well trained, loving dog provide comfort and stability to this house. We are now trading that in for two women who obviously see themselves as superior to the rest of the house and DO NOT have the house's best interests at heart but their own.

These women who live here have been so beaten by life and society that they are afraid to stand up to any authority at least in their living situation.

I imagine what the house might have been like had we demanded that puppy be given away. I think the house would have been more peaceful and peoplr wouldnt have been so stressed out. I know that dog and its irresponsible owner(s) are a major factor in me becoming such a control freak living here. A tenant isnt supposed to have a dog only supervisors and this shows their disregard for rules that should apply to themselves as well as everyone else.

We've traded stability and peace of mind for two dishonest manipulative skiddish women who are going to take advantage of these power positions instead of doing whats best for the house.

When this tenant's friend was being drug tested a few weeks ago during the time that core group of crack heads was being discovered here, the tenant who is going to be taking over pissed in her friend's cup for her becuz I was told later she had been smoking pot with someone she met in AA! A meeting I had taken her to. (A guy from L.A. I knew was either a perp out to screw things up or just a dishonest jerk in the program). I dont blame this vulnerable addict but right there I saw our future supervisor wasnt trustworthy.

This place is only appearing to be improved. Its as if the owner is impervious to the concept of a sober house being simply run correctly. Its very simple. Drug test randomly and if a anyone drinks or is suspect its to be dealt with. Pets should NOT be a focus or diversion for tenants and if chores arent done you get fined. End of story.
And mandatory 12 step meetings. Other than that the tenants are on their own.

Theres a woman whos moving on in a few weeks. Shes smelled of alcohol recently as last night. She keeps complaining of fearing relapse. Its too late already isnt it? And this place isnt going to help her with that are they?

This house would be better off being a dry rooming house which wouldnt require strict adherence to sobriety just a general rule of not being high or drunk on the property. Thats kind of what it was before.
I suppose that being into recovery as seriously as I was years ago has made me a bit of an NA Nazi when I do involve myself in the subject. Many of the addicts who come here have never been to a meeting! So how did they make it to a sober house? It just didn't make any sense so I thought my experience would help. I didnt want the stabilizing factor to get pushed out however.

Why can't people just do things properly? Is it an American trait? This inability to be honest? Being unable to live truly communally? It seems Americans cannot get away from the idea of a hierarchy similar to the old fuedal system. It is so absolutely annoying to me that people in this country who are folk cannot manage their own lives without being extremely stupid about it and falling into the most obvious traps of power and politics known to man. No wonder psychiatry and the justice system run their damned lives here.

I can't stand this. I really need to leave America. There has got to be someplace in this world where I find like minded people.