“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Being Access And Interfaced, Gang Stalked Subtley Now

Theres a little game local perps are playimg with me. Nothing has changed they are still on the buses alot. Very frequently. Their game now is to stare at me at bus stops until I react. I realized this becuz i was tying my shoe and i sneaked a peek and this kod looked like he was worried I would miss the bus. They all stared at me then when i gave them some clever monologue they all collectively ignorrd me.

It could be some sort of conditioning. They want to train me to speak out perhaps.

I know lately that I have had trouble with my own privwte fantisizing trying to masturbate. Its important to speak about sexuality becuz its one of the keys to behavior modification. As a TI I have been sexually tortured for years. Without accessing the sexuality and manipulating this they could never PEACEFULLY alter the person.
Again they are going for trying to make me forget about who i was what i had going for me and to start anew.

This place does seem like a place i can actually get things done and gain material wealth but that doesnt mean i give up what power i once had.

Someone today told me during 9-11 thier relatives were near some area of one of the planes where the feds claim they couldnt shoot the plane down. This person claimed it wasnt true and feds showed up telling certain locals in a.specific area "you didnt see anything".

They still believe they can silence witnesses and those of us with inside info into the mechanics of this by murder, intimidation, discreditation and torture/behaviir modification.

I dont care what people think of me. They destroyed MY life oit of pure arrogance, jealousy and a power trip.

If there are real black magicians involved in this they need to learn alchemy.

I get something for whats been taken. and all the greed and oppression in the world wont change that.

Truthers get gang stalked no matter what city in the world they go to.

They took my power and my life force when they destroyed my home and my family and friends betrayed me.

Its time to pay up. Money dont mean shit. I cant go back in time and regain my.looks, sexual power and youth with money.

Screw the ignorant public. They deserve what they get.
Whatever they are doing down here it consists of tryikg to constantly interface with me so i will care about what people think.

Don't waste your time.