“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting Steady If Infrequent Harassment in Hillcrest, San Diego, CA

Getting messed with in Hillcrest, San Diego CA. Its a cute gay neighborhood with lots of hip shops. The perps are few but its definitely there. I can always depend on Whole Foods for in person gang stalking perps and this one is no different. Security guard maybe but definitely a male Asian employee. Strangely the Asian manager of whole foods in Cambridge was also an overt perp during Bush. This is important due to my former associate's having Chinese mafia connections. Its hard to tell if these people are cops, criminals or dirty/rogue law enforcement of varying levels. One perp is this creepy, older skinny viscous pedo lookin guy with glasses. He made eye contact sitting at restaurant down street as I walked by and then was outside bathroom in whole foods waiting to give me very dirty looks and attitude when I came out. Very sick last night with virus, companion made me go hospital. UC San Diego medical center. Fever 101.2- all that. I get loopy when have fevers and if higher hallucinate internally. My mother told me dept of Energy told her that these high fevers since infancy are due to effects of radiation exposure from her to me. I dont know maybe genetic from dad. got script for motrin and separate one for codeine cough syrup. the codeine script got taken by the last person to attend me along with my discharge papers....then she told my companion the doctor had to write them out. I was out of it so didnt catch this. She told the next shift she gave us my discharge papers as we fell asleep and security nicely asked us why we were still there. The older Mex looking lady at front desk was a trouble maker as was the young Mex female who last attended us and took my codeine script. I called this morning and told ER to tell doc to cancel the script. I also had to change or enter correct information into my record as they had neglected to write some of what they wasted my time asking me and had my address as Waltham when its now a different city-where did they get Waltham my former address? The attendants and doc were nice and did their jobs. but u can't avoid a few arrogant perps in every location u go to unfortunately. , People who know who the TI is disregard the person totally, having the sense of security that the gs system has the TI controlled-for life.