“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Freak Out Free In AZ!!


Ok. I'm in Phoenix and surrounding. I make activist videos explaining mind control, I listen to "music like Hendrix" and foreign black metal (also real jazz, classical, Irish folk, ancient Roman -the list goes on).

I'm a loner-usually when I'm alone..(ya know kinda like when George Thorogood drinks alone he prefers to be by himself?) and except when I have been with friends-like the lone AZ shooter was in a band with someone who said he was a 'loner' so I am assuming she meant times other than when she was with him, or someone else .

I think certain politicians are awful, stupid and generally icky and of course incompetent and crooked-but I usually hold the opinion that I am too good to meet any of them or their kind in person...or stalk them for that matter

OK!! Where's my freak out??! Seriously where's my episode of psychotic break? What no snapping? No going postal? (I do have to go to the post office tomorrow on an errand actually, but it will most likely be uneventful).


I've yelled at a few idiots last night to be exact. If anyone wants to hold me in suspicion becuz AZ has really stupid overt perps (only one house slave though who was easily made to keep it movin. AZ has its perks I guess.)

But they gotta keep gettin that video evidence of a person looking dangerous to cover their asses.

The reality is that many of these cases are people who are harassed and 'gang stalked' who dont understand whats happening to them and become totally isolated and are unable to defend themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

All humor aside its the actions of people within the community that get innocent people killed within that community where someone takes such actions. Covert psychological warfare campaigns force people over the brink.

If you wanna survive and stop such events from occurring you'd better start believing that evil and deception are real-and are perpetrated by actual living persons in your community.

As well as start seeing the domestic terrorists for who they really are. If people refuse to do so then they bring such a fate on themselves .

Not everyone can be a formerly very attractive, multi talented, intelligent female of the species who is not so much enraged but only slightly amused with the antics of nursery school level, petty human beasts.