“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, March 8, 2013

Outside Vegas trying to get to a nearby town. Their hitching laws arent great for rainy weather (hitching on interstate is legal as long as not near on/off ramps.) Probably stuck for one more day.   Vegas outside Strip is full of the nastiest most obnoxious ghetto assholes Ive ever dealt with in a lifetime...and Im FROM Boston and Ive BEEN to St.Louis for six months as well as traveled through or ended up in accidentally really fucked up places.   North Las Vegas and pretty much anything outside the Strip is the worst.  It seems to be populated by people from shitholes around the country who were escaping that environment.  If I have to hear "I'm fitting to..." one more time or see women walking two lengths behind their men....or deal with total obnoxious backwards shit...lets say my racial intolerance is fully functional again. And they deserve it.   Its one of the only placrs Ive ever lived where I can honestly say they ars just blatant assholes here. And the Whiggers and wannabe LA gangster types run rampant asnwell.  They are totally racist.    Why would the Strip be surrounded by this???   Needless to say we r no longer in thst area.  Very very depressing outside Strip wnd Vegas proper. Seems heavy chemtrails used here and alot of pollution. Much from dumping wnd old chemical plants.  My road dog and i r  actually getting sick from staying here.