“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Young JUGGALOS Specifically In Phoenix AZ Area: Who Told You You Were Legit Players Or Mattered At All? Don't Bother Those Of Us Actually Engaged In Important Affairs

Why are younger Juggalos specifically those from Phoenix AZ and surrounding area such scumbag rat fink retards? They desire so much to be badass but they are always such white trash failures.

The older ones from northern Cali can be very cool but some areas just produce more gangsta wannabes.

How's it feel to have your cult's founders revert to Christianity when old age and too much pressure sets in?

Only the USA could produce something so ridiculous. Another gang or cult coming to you from America.

The ones in Phoenix reek of working with crooked cops especially in Tempe where Travelers get jailed in sweeps and they get left alone.

Its amusing becuz the South west is so incredibly slow when it comes to this shit compared to back east.

A little white trash Juggalo rat just got us kicked off a truck stop as if thats gonna stop ME.

Juggalos wanna fuck with me nationwide AND THE PEOPLE WHO PROTECT ME its no problem starting a fuckin war on you little jerk offs.

Yer a fuckin mind controlled cult akin to a very stupid religious movement.

Yer not badass...I've simply never considered taking any of them seriously as part of this game.

Go suck a cop's dick...you know you do it anyway to get by.

I'm 42. Yer children. The criminals i grew up seeing in Boston were GANGSTERS not blacks not Wiggers not jerk offs.

They didn't fuck around. Most people nowadays in this country DO NOTHING BUT.

Go deal with someone who actually believes u exist becuz I dont.


You'll never get any respect from me.