“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Deaths Of People Associated With The Bush Family


So is THIS following link why that trip a few months back on my way home to Boston hitching a ride in Pennsylvania was so horrible?
I'd posted I'd been hit with tech so torturous it felt like St. lous in 2008.


No more messy plane crashes or accidents or self hangings or gun wounds. Now just microwave em! Fabulous ! Gee hangings seemed popular huh? Must've been a fad at the time.

Love the mesage sent with artfully having the 9-11 conected lady's car blow up and incinerate her yet experts say that that explosion and fire must've been caused by something else becuz the car crash itself was minor.

Just throwing it right in people's faces. It must be all the designers of these things do is create meaningful deaths that get the job done and send a message.

So I assume taking a plane to Europe is not recommended then? Yeah...would they sink an entire cruise ship? No but a TI could drown or suicide or be murdered on such a ship.

If I take a barge of some kind with my health conditions it would be easy enough I suppose. Hmph...I'll figure something.

I'll never forget this bitch Rebecca from St Louis living off Cochran next to his hostel on one of his properties telling me "You should dye your hair and start dressing differently". I was told by people in AZ that I looked guilty during the federal investigation becuz i left the state-which of.course all these jerks in Boston were telling me to do-even leave the country. The gang stalking is what made me leave MA. I thought thatz what everyone wanted and Scott advised Phoenix anyway.

It would've looked way worse had I been spineless and stupid enough to take her advice-and now I know thats what rats and informants do also so it would've fed into that slanderous cover story bullshit.

And its a frickin joke anyway. This system can find you no matter where you go.

One little bitch part of a perp group in a shelter in a small CT town said the perps mock me becuz they know i don't have the energy to wear disguises.

I dont change becuz I only do what i am supposed to do by design.

Im supposwd to write a book. That is all i am supposed to do. I know nothing else nor have any other prime directive