“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, April 6, 2013

West Coast College Town Same Sh*t As Last Time I Was Here But With Less Efforts By Perps-My Demise Is Making Their Job Easy These Days

I am in a liberal college are Ive been in a few times before.

The harassment is now more directed conversation here. They like to expose me to what I am supposed to percieve as the gang stalker's perceptions of me.

On arrival on a train a large group was present and one.drunk guy said of me "She's getting really crazy". Then proceeded to refer to Jake repeatedly in mock conversation to his friends.

Then another couple at a train platform were discussing "she's just playing the game at this point. There's no way you can go to a city you've been to that many times and.." and she kept talking about corruption in the northeast and how it was much worse than the west coast, then insisted on sitting on top of each other and leaning on my leg during the ride.

At a local market on a popular college street a Palestinian douche bag who I mistook for a Jew (they probably wouldnt have been so careless about making fun of me) cashier started using the term "wicked" and went into a Boston accent which confused me as I asked him if he was from Boston he said no he just makes fun of people who arent from (a neighborhood adjacent to here). However I wasn't using my accent at all. I was calm and didnt feel threatened so was speaking normally. Local homeless said he was a douchebag so...

Some street people I recall from prior visits here seem to recognize me upon sight and saying hello then act like we've never met and of course they are big advocates of leaving the country as I've been feeling like I should do in fact its the first thing they speak of upon conversation.

Why can't people just accept that being targeted.this is really the only way to live? Getting housed would be akin to choosing a prison cell as I'd be targeted like my last place of residence wherever I go anyway.

I love how what seems like intelligence services are all over this country in such high numbers that a TI like myself can be surrounded at any time as if they are normal people.

Its so bad now that I actually wonder if there are any real and normal people left out in society.

The fact that a Target can be this contained anytime, anywhere is ridiculous.

One wonders how many of these people arent just very fucked up regular citizens in on it from whatever knowledge level, for whatever.their reasons are.

I guess there's a good reason so many people left the US in 2001 or so. Its going to be present in many other countries anyway-Charles Schlund claimed the wasnt so bad outside the USA.

So they're trying to get me to emigrate? Why just one more sick joke for them at my benefit?