“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Misdirection To Leave USA or An Entrepreneurial Opportunity For Protection??

Ive this idea lately that some of the people who screwed me over in Boston have grown in power and its a time coming soon when it will b dangerous for me to even b in the country forget about ever going home.

People like my cousin who became a genetic engineer and Dr Emmerich who was never sighted for what she did. Though other mental health professionals told me she was no good. Which isnt legal on paper so it wouldnt help me if my sanity was officially in question.

They're coming in for the kill so to speak and it feels like i shudnt b here when it happens.

Its also been frightening at times to b being urged to go so far north. What the hell is going to happen in the US anyway thats so....bad?

It might b simple misdirection perhaps becuz theres an actual chance at a lawsuit now.

All i know is that ive gone beyond just outgrowing American culture-Ive evolved beyond it. America is just a set of limitations to begin with- there's no chance at a good life here...unless you're a total assh*le.

Then you'll do just fine. Flourish even.
There's just too much about the system here that i cant live with anymore. I dont want it on my conscience when i am old or dying.

There's a new financial system starting in the east thats going to include South Africa, China, India and Russia.

I wonder if this is why I am being urged to go through the east to get to Europe instead of leaving out of NYC where flights are cheapest?