“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, August 19, 2012

America Doesnt Understand What True Freedom Is

America has wasted 41 years of my time and I refuse to allow it to waste anymore.

This is why TIs are constantly controlled the way they are. And controlled moreso now that Romney's coming in. Those of us who have had enough finally want to leave and everything is being done in their power to prevent this.

Now that Targets like me see how useless protesting and activism is against the system in place and realize that it might be better to be a Target elsewhere, much is being done to prevent TIs from leaving the USA.

Its Sunday and I notice that the reality of the situation hits me clearly today. During the week from 6am to approx 12 midnight I keep getting brainwashed and sidetracked to stay. Its very bad right now. Either that or i am targeted with pain or what appears to be health issues so i am afraid to flee the USA while ill. They probably knew i would leave if there was a chance of Romney getting in as president.

So the timing of these health issues doest surprise me.

I notice the conditions are worse when inam in areas with very heavy elctromagnetic pollution.

No surprise there.

But I am still going to try to get out. There is no place i can go where i am not harassed or stalked or interfaced. The entire US is hopeless. There is no safe area though conditions change predictably as one travels.

America is hopeless. Staying is only giving in to abusove authority controlling one's life...for the worst.

Just becuz some people naively believe that behavior modification improves someone and their quality of life doesnt mean its the truth of the matter. Even if the GS system improves  a human beings life and their decision making its still not TRUE FREEDOM. This isnt freedom. And I dont think the  USA  will ever privide for me whatbI consider freedom. I dont think they undsrstand what it is yet. So i need to leave.