“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Its  all very dificult right now. I am using this lazy hippie for companionship and hes sucked me dry of funds and energy by now which is typical of the lazy weaklings women find out here to keep us company.

Most likely hes working for the system becuz he got caught with some shit last year but claims the police never found the evidence they needed...which of course i dont believe.  Hes a pain in the ass and is lazy and stressjng me out but hes an ok travel companion for now. U always end up just paying for people to provide companionship which is fine. Hes got a fiance anyway so thats convenient.

We get along just enough for him to pull me though the next few months. Desperate circumstances require a person to be resourceful. All that matters is my identifying my health issues then leaving the US and then finally my book.

Its been bad lately, the brainwashing. I am in a phase where constantky in the city its being pushed that i accept my fate and the situatikn the way it is. And somehow that this has to do witJulia and that somehow she wins or defines my fate.

If anyone thinks Julia Richmond Blackburn defines my fate i could easily have killed that bitch by now qnd her stupid drunk husband. Or her drunk sister in law. Fuck that fat bitch qnd her husbands gold digging family of drunks. And fuck that conivving mother in law of hers as well. Hopefully the old bitch is long dead by now. Another scumbag off the earth.

And allnof that family ARE scumbags. And all her stupid sleazy associates as well. To hell with all of them.

MK Ultra was around long before i ever met that sleazebag. The only reason shes still walking around is becuz i know this system just used her to get to me the way it did alot of people around me.

And without what ive learned from her I wouldn't have survived thus far. Also the way this is being done to force me to testify is total bullshit and if no subpeona is issued then the authorities are playing games and DONT DESERVE ANY RESPONSE AT ALL.

We all know Boston cops work with and for organized crime, bottom line.

Why would anyone respond to bullshit like that? Becuz it is bullshit. And so is the entire city of Boston-all the nkrtheast is corrupt to the core anyway. I just ignore their childish bullshit becuz itz all their ignorant backwards asses are capable of.

Yankees are the greediest scumbags alive and always busy livng in denial while pointing the finger somewhwre else.