“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, August 13, 2012

Being Interfered With Greatly Cannot Work On Blogs, Book Or Contact Friends

Its almost impossible to function now. Ive been constantly foegetful of the most simple things. I am recieving information in the form of ideations that is bad. Misguidance and deception, all the while my health continues to deteriorate.

I cannot produce any meaningful work on this blog unless I use a strangers cell pnone.
All the places I can use public computer systems also seem to give that same effect like workimg from my cell phone.

Its Verizon contract and an older Samsung smartphone.

What makes me the most upset is when I see all the need in the world, all around I see people I and others could be busy helping but have to waste time living on the road and fighting this system daily instead.

I am now managed with constant ideations to travel, diverted with extreme forgetfulness and prevented from producing anymore meaningful work through brainwashing that is strong unbeatable and very subtle consisting of the kideas that no one is going to believe.me, it doesnt matter and I dont matter in the grand scheme of things anyway...just constant bombardment to prevent my producing anh work related to telling my stoey or writing my book.

Constant idea to get legal council always fo lowed by shooting down of that idea that they only want to get me into court to finally discredit and destroy me.

That powers who did this to me are above the law. That in big world with so many people I matter little. That I am old and all around me the only ones that matter are the young...

I become more and mlre negative, anti African Ameeican and weak of mind.

I fear I will jave a deadly mishap at my procedure for my intestinal condition. This condition seems to worsen and I am given fears it will incapacitate me so I cant travel or its degenerative and is going to kill me.

This seems to serve the purpose of getting me to fear death as I did not before. Probably to gain further control over me and guarentee my continued silence..or to force me to go to lawyers or aithorities against my Will.