“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letter To On The Run Gas Station Chain-An Example Of How To Counter GS Without Mentioning It

"Traveling through Kittery ME. OTR on RT 1/kittery, next to Subway (290/rt.1/ Kittery ME, near all the outlets).

Foriegn man working behind counter refused to put toilet paper in the bathroom due to "people use it too much".  While I was in the bathroom he posted a sign on

the restroom door that said "Out Of Order".

An older woman used the bathroom anuway once i got out and left a papertowel she had brought in with her on the floor. When i asked him for some paper

product to pick it up with he responded by locking the door to all public use and  then complaining overtly on his cell phone that "people are complaining about this" (the bathroom).

He spent most of his time talking on the cell phone behind the counter.

In the bathroom there is a sticker on the mirror that says if the bathroom isnt in order report it to the manager.

What if this arrogant slob WAS the manager? Of not how doni find out who is? This location is the only gas station on this strip so they may think they can do whatever they want and people will put up with it.

He isnt doing his job and is ignoring obvious health hazards. How do i report him?"

Note how I complain about LEGIT BELIEVABLE events and actions. Only myself and other TIs understand this guy is a perp and so was the old woman who left the paper towel.

The foriegn male gave me a sympathetic look upon first contact and an initial purchase before using the rest room.  Also a passenger wgo left in a truck front seat licensed as Livery did the smirk/smile thing upon my exiting the store and leaving the parking lot.

PSY OPS is what this was. Plain and simple. But since people refuse to admit or believe such things exist, one must counter with the same covert action.