“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, August 27, 2012

Globalization Is Just A Part Of The NWO


I was looking up gentrification of Harvard Sq Cambridge and this came up. Reading it I realized that this is a way for people to describe a part of the NWO. One that is believable, accepted as fact-globalization as a process of change. What they arent telling you is that in order to bring about these changes as well as others that are part of the NWO the system is outright lying to the public by witholding information, by leaving out important facts. Such as utilizing mass mind control through technology, chemicals and psychological operations/propaganda and other coercion.

These changes wouldnt be able to be brought about without the use of these methods to make people uncaring, selfish, dumbed down consumers who are mind controlled into thinking and feeling in ways supportive of this NWO.

Globalism is just a part of the NWO. Even though many people in power have used that exact phrase in media including three presidents, its still marketed to the public as conspiracy theory.

Becuz only those who know about whats being hidden from the public know it is indeed a NWO being formed. Anyone who has that missing information understands whats really going on. However though the documentation is available mind control is so unpleasant that the public would rather disbelieve or even silently accept this situation than to take control of their own lives.

Many probably see the NWO as the utopia promised by Bush in his speech about how a NWO will be a world ruled by law, not the law of the jungle.

This of course is a deception. Its also coming from a man whos seen far to much in his life and I believe many of the people supporting the NWO fall into the deception becuz of world weariness. Then again when havent the elite wanted to rule the masses completely?

Progress in sciences now give them that opportunity.

Globalism may tell you how its being done but what isn't included is the power over the city dwellers given to authorities by those cell towers and repeaters on buildings in every part of the US and internationally.