“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Arlington MA Bus stop

Me and road dog with back packs at a busbstop.Arlington pd cruiser #7 just happens to show up and parks right  at end of street facing us not long after we arrive.

The officer looks like the kind of 70s sleazeball one could be in the 70s and still look cool somehow putting on a lousy swagger strut.

After  i walk by the car the throw away trash he decides to get out of cruiser himself as i stand once again at bus stop.

He then either looks at what i threw away in barrel or threw something away himself i couldnt tell as that exact moment my back was turned.

He then struts over to talk to a shop owner and he nods in our direction and she then looks over also. He continues to speak with her  while facing in our direction sunglasses on of course.

Is that all the cops had to do during Bush was gang stalk certain people so they would then easily fit the criteria for twrrorist threats and they could use up and keep getting all that lovely Homeland money??

As well as now  they can keep an eye on and control the people THEY KNOW they covertly targeted into homelessness to begin with.

He left right before the bus arrived. Communities across the nation have scammed the fed in this way and the public knoww it. They see it as a way of keeping their communities alive and funded. They dont care qbout the victms becuz their ignorant stupid commoner asses have deemed each Target worthless to society in some way. The public mob always finds its way around law and order by coöperating with corrupt authorities locally or regionally. This is why 9-11 is a joke. From much of my experience the American public knew that the anti terror hysteria and Security Theater were money making scams for towns, cities etc. And much of this was used to satisfy the needs of organized crime or other corrupt power.