“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whats More Dangerous? The Wise Lone Wolf Or The Rabid Sheep?

Unfortunately talking and writing about all that has happened especially during that era is only going to make extremely fucked up people like my family and locals feel wonderful and jacked up on power about what happened.

Victims of gang stalking can claim that the people involved are weak assholes all they want. Even though its true, the people's mob still has destroyed the individual's life and continues to keep them down.

One of the greatest rationales these assholes have is that the TI might have many talents and nine lives etc and can 'spare' to be fucked over and destroyed almost to their mortal death. One has to remember these people have no concept of how deep life and death is and have little care for anyone's other than their own and those they know well. They also dont respect things by understanding true right and wrong but only respect or disrespect things authority tells them to.

America is a young country full of people of foriegn descent who have lost all wisdom from their immigrant ancestors.

America has become just a destroyer.  Its founded on genoicide, death, thievery, broken treaties, lawlessness  and destruction anyway. Its been sold off by now and doesn't even exist in its past form.

Brainwashed human animals are extremely dangerous. And I dont think any of us take that as seriously as we should. Brainwashed from the herd mentality and outside forces that is. Ironically, Survivors have to be self actualized and aware to survive programming and de programming so are less dangerous to their fellow man.