“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blacks Supposedly Hate Snitches....So Why R So Many Gang Stalkers Then?? lol


First of all stop using OUR word 'Capisce' which is its proper spelling. Its bad enough black gangstas wear our clothes, shoes and have tried to co opt the swagger and attitude, like everything else becuz they dont really have a realistic view of their identity as its heavily influeced by Europeans and other cultural influences. If they were truly African Americanized gangsters they would be dressed like in Africa. Until they get out fantasyland via being kept slaves culturally and psychologically (and now obviously using ever negative modern rap music to perpetuate keep down culture), they will never be able to face the reality of where they come from, what they are made of and then own it. Living in myth and ignorance is safer I assume. And the Elite they serve as house slaves to this day couldn't be happier with this arrangement and do everything as their ancestors did-to ensure the slaves, all kinds- continue to serve.  Whether or not the gullible, spoilt public acknowledge covert slavery or any form for that matter is irrelevant. It exists just the same.

Now, as for blacks hating snitches..how can this be? Ive seen more gang members for hire doing GS as well as blacks outright being agents for the man than any other culture. Its a main part of their survival in America. 

COINTELPRO had to be African Americans or the groups they were infiltrating wouldnt trust them.

Its gone so very far. Blacks have an international lucrative crime syndicate as well as other honest businsses and positions in society, and in order for them to aquire and keep certain things they have to sell out to the biggest powers that be in order TO BE ALLOWED TO EXIST. Just like EVERYBODY else.

Blacks utilize myth and a mystique better than the Jews or any other culture could hope to in order to hide what they really have and are capable of. And the Elite use them to perpetuate their interests just as they always have.  Everyone is happy.

Except the REAL freedom fighters and rebels and victims of abuse of power by oppressive authority.

Blacks are a myth. Voodoon-shadow dancers. And anyone who believes they are what they put out to see is a fool. Its myth that sells very well in the arts and has high political value to those in power.

At the top levels the criminals are snitches or worse-in league with the oppressors.

Stop applying PC to murdering drug dealing pimping criminals.  Its the height of folly, one this society AND OUR CULTURE cant afford anymore.