“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Religious Right Support For Romney


Its interesting that Targeted Individuals in.the US are.also treated like second class.citizens, despised and viewed as an constant internal threat. That is how we are treated exactly.

Benny Jinn is a con. I saw that decades ago when he started getting cred during the crazy 80s, doing faith healings....with lots of helpers around him on.stage of course.

FOX has Joel Osteen on. Hes always seemed ingenuine.also. Hes good though. The host asked.him.what he thought of "...Mormons, like Mitt Romney".

How.obvious is.it.that hes.from Texas (Bush) and this move was probably to try to encourage votes from the Christian Right?

I didn't mind America when you were allowed to have.the.freedom to criticize how crazy these other cultures were. But its become a police state where u aren't allowed to.criticize anything or you are seen as mentally ill or a.terrorist.

Its only going.to.get worse. I hate to say it but with all I have seen America is gone. Off the.feel end and they don't quite know how or why. Those of us who do know are slowly being wiped.out (dissidents, whistleblowers, Truthers etc) or written off as disbelieved or mentally.ill or lone cranks.

Sadly the.country we knew is gone, forever. Never to return.