“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Innocence Of The Uninitiated/Betrayers Cowardice

I have a friend that..I am sure doesnt know everything or disbelieves it. She says internal bleeding is easily fixed.

I have to laugh a bit at this, her not knowing that this is the system's golden opportunity to kill me on the table when I am under. Just like every other sucker who's died that way.

It really is a genuine security concern. And I am more isolated now than I ever have been.

Lately, there's this urgency to go away from the cities. To stop staying in city environments. Leaving the USA seems to be something to consider.

But you always wonder if these are just red herrings. False leads to get you to go so astray that you will ultimately screw yourself. Or end up dead conveniently.

This doom that hangs over this area, perhaps the whole country. I dont know if its real, a false hood or deception, if its just for people like me who are persecuted heavily or if its for the general population. Its sooo according to the 2012 storyline. Its really annoying in this respect.

I wish these technologies would just shut off and this story line constant nightmare would go, and life would return to wonderful normalcy- circa 2002. Better yet, 1989.
That was such a damn good year. One of the best I can recall.

Its so strange to be able to compare life now to back then. Its incredible that so many people have not been captured by this system and so dont feel the same effects.

I know damn well what my family and other who knew me are doing and going to do til the end. Just claim I am nuts and that I am 'getting sicker' with every passing year until the end comes so they can finally cover thier asses permanently.

Yeah, I am starting to show all the damage from years of being targeted. And its downhill from here, sure. But to hide behind mental illness- when many of them know what they did, know what part they played in this. Such cowardice.

I want revenge before I get any sicker, before I die.