“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Uncle Thomas- Still Getting Visions Of His Being A Major Gang Stalking Perp

Why do I often get this vision of this particular relative being in on my gang stalking largely due to his associations in business. Also I get this impression concerning his extreme misogyny towards women- specifically the women in his family. My mother was dealing with him trying to destroy her and keep her down and I keep getting this impression that he's a large part of my situation as well.

I know that he was in on this becuz of things he said on the phone during the Bush era when I lived at 335 Washington St. Brighton MA.

It bothers me to think that someone so...common to me is a power behind this campaign. My family members of either side being in on this bugs me to no end. They were always arrogant to me and always disregarding my needs and disrespecting me. And to think they are responsible for my never being able to have a future is maddening.

Its one of the reasons I have to leave the country. I doubt if those idiots, those selfish lessers and thier brat kids have any power overseas. And lately I have been getting desperate- like picking one of my betrayers to kill. Its just better if I leave. I do not want to give any family members any more satisfaction. Why people would be so mean to me is simple: my family and the community locally were used to me being enslaved. When I broke programming, it makes them nervous to think that I was highly intelligent, attractive, multi talented and athletic. THEIR children are supposed to be better than me, not the other way around. Plus I have all this dirt on them from the 70's that would have threatened thier kid's futures if people knew the truth about their parents. And grand parents, so my family had motives to help this system destroy me.

And the community also knows I have dirt on them. Boston and my family will be forever responsible for my life being destroyed as well as my early death. And they dont care. Becuz they are selfish, stupid people who resent me. And leaving the country is the only way to ensure that I dont blow thier heads off soon.

Jake, always the only one, save maybe Julie, to tell me the truth or give me clues, basically told me that everyone in on this knew I was some sort of original talent or genuis and that they were taking avantage of the public just thinking I was crazy and a bad person to get me targeted so I could never do anything with my life and destroy my talents.
HE ALWAYS EXPLAINED HOW THE WORLD WORKS WHEN I DIDNT UNDERSTAND. Which is the only reason that guy is still walking around. Jake, Julie and some others at least tried (while being self serving) to give me some clues as to what was going on.

As usual, friends and lovers no matter how low life always treated me better than my own family.

If I leave MA and never return I will never have to deal with the baggage here. The system just uses it against me all the time anyway to worsen my situation. And leaving the US, telling everything then I can just forget about everything here. That the US every existed. And spend my remaining years in the countries where I orignated from, not this lie, America.