“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Metal Isnt Sold Out Fully Just Yet


With all the anti-Christian, child molesting, woman HATING (closet cases most of them anyway), Satanic ritual and brutally violent content of most Black Metal bands, especially the ones from the north, Germany and Belgium- only offending MUSLIMS gets any attention?

They are against religions of Abraham as well as some say get rid of Masons as well as they are rooted in Judaic traditions.

And when one considers that radical Muslims have basically come to live in thier countries and paid back their hosts by raping under age little blonde girls to ensure they wont be virgins as well as destroyed their culture and from what Varg has said, downtown Oslo looks like Bangladesh.

In fact from my experiences and from my understanding and limited knowledge of these bands and this culture for one- at least they are honest about who and what they are. If anyone suffers due to thier nature it is becuz they are naive about believing such forces actually exist. At least the deception is up front. They arent going to church and then acting like Satanists the rest of the week and supporting a basically Satanic system- LIKE MOST AMERICANS DO.

Secondly, this is actually the first time I have seen direct self defense of something just in this manner. Self defense against Christianity is understood but they could easily be simply go back to thier old Pagan religious other than validating Christianity by being Satanists.

Out of anything else I have heard from this scene, this is one of the more understandable expressions of hate towards a very real threat. FEEL FORTUNATE THAT THEY ARE NOT FOCUSING ON IT MORE and more often as I am surprised they dont.

In fact this is one of the most pleasing things I have seen lately. Most bands are selling out to the agenda by putting out bs to actually take power from the people and go with the elite.
I dont hear any of the energy in any of the music coming out anymore. I believe its all by design. When you are with the elite in thier quest to enslave mankind, you are going to do all you can to numb people out and dumb people down.

So in fact, with all thats going on right now, this is one of the more admirable actions from one of these bands from this genre and community. If Muslims tried pulling what they are doing over there in the USA, they'd be taken out in many ways overtly and covertly. By the criminals AND law enforcement.

But hey, we have the lowest form of African American culture here being pushed for dumb whites to worship and their own people as well, in order to enslave Americans and EU probably too. Theres plenty of crime here in the USA to keep people divided, scared and unable to flourish. The difference here is that alot of us will challenge the bastard who tries to pistol whip us in the middle of a dark street at night for our wallets, unlike stories Ive heard about Norway with the African immigrants doing robberies.

Time to get Viking on thier asses people. Maybe Taake can wake you up to what you once were before Christianity put you to sleep. Besides, who else has pics of their lead singer letting his cock hang out of his pants ever so casually on stage?
And he takes nice pics out in the snowy cold with no shirt on. I dont care how thin he is.
Its nice to see a white male defining himself by what our ancestors would look like- not having his pants hang down on his ass and grabbing his crouch walking around trying to walk and talk against his own culture.

These bands might be dangerous, criminals, 'evil' and half insane (if not fully in some cases) but at least they are OUT THERE and not PC as well as whats going on that no one IS talking about is much much more dangerous. And that is the destruction of cultures around the world by immigrants that have no respect for thier host countries or other cultures, unless that culture scares them with physical violence on a daily basis. For instance, ever notice how in Latin ghettos, you dont get alot of African American presence or violence? Native American areas the same? Asian areas?
Thats becuz its all they respect.

What I want to know is who exactly are allowing these things to occur? Who are the designers that are just letting such people come into these countries across EU and even in the USA and instead of assimilate, the basically turn into domestic terrorists.

How much longer do you think you can divert attention to the most Caucasian cultures in an effort to deny these issues?

There is an ongoing war against The Folk of Caucasian cultures.
Until we completely give up our women, our land, our cultures and our resources to endless numbers of reproducing 'minorities' they will never be satisfied. Seeking refuge is one thing. Destroying cultures is unacceptable.

And they never point out the farmers in South Africa who are poor whites who are being squeezed out while they PRESERVE THEIR CULTURE.

Alot of these black metal boys come from wealthy families. Thier jobs however are not to be socially responsible. Why dont you go out and make every rapper who writes songs against women be socially responsible or against whites?

Out of all the disappointing music thats come out lately, which seems on purpose, its nice to hear that hate is being placed against something worthy again. Not just to be self serving.

Now all the country has to do is make laws so that if someone commits a crime they have to go back to their forsaken hole of a land and starve/die there becuz they dont deserve a decent host country. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET SOME BALLS AGAIN, VIKINGS??