“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Lies To Get Me To Stay In The US/The Mob Serves The Elite

Something keeps telling me that if I change my plans of what I am doing now I am blowing chances of a lifetime or miss the chance of a lifetime. As well as this feeling or idea that I should just wait for the next administration, and everything will change. It will be different.

I am sick of waiting. Sick of trying to get things done that obviously powers beyond my control dont want completed. I want nothing more to do with anyone in this country.

A country thats gladly betrayed me and thousands of others. By now people so actively are involved in gang stalking Targets as well as marginalizing anyone who knows too much that its obvious they have thier own little country going here and they are all very happy and they like it the way it is.

Its become a horrible awful place. All the social services have been infiltrated by Yes men and women to this agenda. Anyone even speaking of anything subversive are shut out and shut down. The younger people involved in social services are akin to Hitler Youth- Bush's dream kids- they finally got a generation of compliant, totally brainwashed plugged in idiots. I cant take it anymore. They are impossible. And they are everywhere especially in the north east. They are the most disgusting, vile young people I have ever encountered in my life. I refuse to grace thier presence anymore. They are materialistic, stupid, assholes who will support the agenda above anything. I dont understand why they are so stupid or so brainwashed and I dont think I want to know. They reject anything and everything from the original movements years ago. Take the Women's Center for instance. Its 'volunteers' consist mostly of horrid college students not truly inspired women. Many are psychology majors. These people are looking at this place as an institution full of mentally ill women or merely a day shelter. These arent real feminists or women who are into alternative living.

In fact anything truly 'alternative' is non existent. Its ALL BEEN INFILTRATED. The shelters as well.

There is no place as of now that isnt totally controlled by those damn towers.

I looked at the roof of Pine Street Inn women's shelter today passing by it. No wonder years ago when I was being targeted was I so effected in there so very horribly. And for many instances thereafter when I would stay there.

There's multiple cell tower repeaters wrapped all around the roof of the building and some kind of satelite dish (bigger than satelite tv carriers have on buildings. No name just a white dish).

The women sleep on the second and third floors which is why when one goes upstairs to shower and sleep the effect is stronger. I experienced this in my apartment at 335 Washington where I was first targeted so heavily. Nextel cell repeaters on top of the building- I lived on the third floor out of four floors. It was terrible.

Dont think that its just Electromagnetic Sensitivity. I have also documented on this blog many instances of overt harassment and psychological warfare in that shelter. However, the effects from tech there were horrible and I have documented those too on this blog.

How is any of this the chance of a lifetime? Whoever is in power with this system simply keeps TIs marginalized, controlled and plays games and toys with us. There is no success or victory per se.

And that post I did on that psychiatrist who was behind the Stanford Prison Experiment believing that heroes should be socially engineered into society is far too close to what is being done to many TIs. Thier lives being used like actors in a play for whoever is behind this.

There is no success or victory when everything you do you sense is monitored through surveillance cameras by basically the same entity nationwide. Sometimes it differs but you sense the information is going to a similar destination as an end result. Feeling that you are watched and monitored through surveillance cameras of all kinds-then there is the ability of this system to control people via technologies, chemicals and human forces stalking/harassment or psychological manipulation, coercion whatever you want to describe it as.

You feel watched, then you feel controlled and manipulated by whoever is watching. NOTHING YOU DO COMES AS A SURPRISE. MUCH OF WHAT YOU DO SEEMS ENGINEERED OR PLANNED BY WHOEVER IS DOING THE MONITORING OR WATCHING.

So how is there any victory? There is none. Its all big FAIL. Theres nothing to be done about any of this. The cameras are everywhere, the public are asleep or brainwashed or willingly compliant in thier own enslavement and that of the rest of humanity.
The cameras and the towers, the chemtrails. Then you look at the food you eat, the endless 'choices' of media available in which every person is consuming some part of that daily. MOST of their day.

There is no way out of this. There is no way to be able to live within the prison as a free person. The inmates happen to like thier prison. Thats the problem, they dont see it as a prison and if they do they prefer it to any alternatives. A person who's aware of what this world now consists of cannot exist in it being aware and function normally and live a satifying life, among people who are either asleep or compliant. Its not a world built for people like me. Its for everyone else.

The only places to go are truly alternative ones, and places without any wi fi reception at least you can just claim you are Electromagnetically Sensitive. In Spain they have already claimed its a disability, thereby cleverly giving TIs a way out of having to share in this awful reality with the rest of the citizenry WITHOUT having to admit what else might be involved in the definition of 'electromagetically sensitive'.

I never really thought I could live among the rest of humanity after my experiences but I never thought I would be so excluded, so totally and completely and so conivved against by fellow citizens.

I dont care about the next adminstration or chances of a lifetime. The gang stalking system has ensured that all my life any and all chances of a lifetime and opportunities have always been taken from me, shut away from me or my being kept down. In this country at least. Why would I want to wait any longer.

America is the worst place on the planet and needs to be destroyed utterly and completely especially the east coast. I dont care about what happens to America, I dont care about its citizens and I never ever want to see this place again after I leave. Its the absolute center of the worst empire in history.

I am going to make sure that I never have to be a part of this country again. And no one is going to care if I leave, they all want me to leave. As the perps keep saying no one cares about me. Its that no one wants me to have anything here, to succeed. Good let them have thier country.

I now understand that the main focus of Gang Stalking a Target is conformity to the group. IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT GROUP AS LONG AS YOU CONFORM. Even though GS is about human experimentation etc, the motives are much more sophisticated than what mobs of people perceive, its the instinct of the mob that is used as a main motivator against a lone Targeted Individual.

Its interesting how the perps have motives that are laid in science, tech and progress involving black projects and yet the most base animal instincts are used to gain thier ends. EVEN IF THAT LONE PERSON IS TOTALLY IN THE RIGHT THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE AGAINST THEM BECUZ OF HUMAN MOB INSTINCTS. The designers know this.