“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Now See How They Had Me Fooled, Manipulated And Controlled

I understand now how this works. They had me so brainwashed and fooled.

The system convinces me I am being watched...the Truman Show ideations. But working off that they somehow had me convinced that a lot of people read my blog.

Therefore, when say like today they get me on film or surveillance cameras acting out in public like that, I am deceived into believing that everyone who sees me in public also will be reading my blogs.
This leads me to not care about how I behave in public due to my thinking people are going to see the blogs also which would explain what really happened.

The GS system makes this possible. It forces a Target to perceive things in such a way that they end up screwing themselves such as I did today.

I now realize that the perps would only need either a video of my behavior publicly today or just to have had passersby citizens experience it in real time.
They don't know its a set up. That I was baited. That I only slept three hours last night etc. They only see me acting out.

That's why the perps don't care about the TIs activism. My blog or anything else.
They have me set up most likely to look like a schizophrenic or just a horrible person (cover story, slander etc) and people are convinced of that now.
I don't really know how many people read this blog who actually know who I am out in public.
Their system is so effective that they do a damned good job mostly at convincing the TI to perceive things in such a warped way that we don't see what the public is perceiving.

Warped not mentally ill warped but a version of reality that they keep perpetuated around us and keep us trapped in, they support this version of skewed reality everyday. Through constant gang stalker contact with the Target and via chemicals and technologies to keep Targets brainwashed.

So I act out in being a proud warrior who fights this so hard. I am proud when I argue like I did today, tell people exactly what I think of them and don't back down and stand my ground.

But to the public I may be being manipulated to look completely different to them.
The perps KNOW the Targets. They know damned well I, like my mother, am extremely territorial. They know how I will react. They worked off that today I believe. And I actually tried to be reasonable and discuss how to split up that spange spot.

That was part of manipulating me also.
A TI may see these things but all we know how to do is fight. Keep fighting them at every turn every day. What else can we do? They make sure Targets feel there is no way out but suicide and even then one is afraid they will just monitor you somehow through the death process as well. THERE IS NO PEACE. Once they decide you are a threat they come after you and this, my friends, is what life is like until its over.

Unless you find a way out and I don't see one.

Despite all the evidence people don't WANT to believe. So its hopeless. All you can do is try to build some alternative life for yourself like I have being a Traveler.

Its certainly not what I wanted but it serves multi purposes. And there's freedom and stimulation.

Many Targets end up the severely mentally ill you see as homebums. If you can do better than that you truly are very talented.

THIS IS THE MESSAGE TARGETS ARE TRYING TO BRING TO YOU THE PUBLIC. There is NO PEACE under mind control. Just like Cathy Obrien stated in an early video and it stuck with me. Its true.
If you think the world is still what it was in the last century you are wrong.
People who percieve this as the end of the world are being negative. Its only new conditions in the human world you must learn to negotiate with. To tell your leaders how much you are willing to tolerate and live under such conditions.

How is it the end of the world when you know what the system consists of and how it works? The information is all there.

Your only fear is not wanting to be alone with this realization-which of course leaves you all alone and seperated from most of the rest of humanity.
Understandable. That's why TIs work on awareness. So the public can at large accept whats going on and decide for themselves collectively.