“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Revenge From Today's Baiting Being Used To Silence New Blog Idea On Racial And Class Issues?

Why am I getting this idea this feeling that those two a-holes are getting (gullible) people riled up so that they can somehow have people come after me? Making it a race issue.

Becuz I can simply just stay out of Central Sq for a while becuz I actually am a Traveler not a local prisoner of this horrid narrow minded place. And when I get back the whole thing will have died down.

And theres other things I can do to. Remember, if I leave I have time to have a look at the vid and have others look at it on the internet so I can identify THEM but they still cant really ID me, or if they can that proves this was a set up all along.

It may be becuz I am starting a blog on race issues that is going to encompass white empowerment and not white power, seperatism or supremicy. Why? Becuz I am tired of being angry, tired of losing my temper with people who simply do NOT know any better and if they do they are dumping on poor whites becuz the system says its ok to, in the northeast anyway.
I am tired of using the N word, I am tired of being on edge, angry, pissed off and always having to switch from friend to foe depending on what kind of African American I meet- the kind who wants to dominate and own becuz thats all they can do due to not being able to get to the REAL oppressor or becuz they are working as house slaves for the Oppressor.

Or African Americans who act like human beings and are friendly or civil with no weird racial issues.

Being TI as well as having to play the racial (and class) up and down dynamics of this area and the entire US is extremely tiring and wearing on my nerves.

I can sense it. The fact that I actually went through with starting a blog like I said I would.

Ive been being abused and baited for years, why now is it a major issue??

Did I not predict that the system would absolutely lose thier minds and come after whoever is NOT a disinformation agent or total crazy who starts any sort of blog or touches on race in a way that empowers poor whites but also teaches everyone to understand and get along? DID I NOT POST ABOUT THAT ALREADY?

And the day I just create the blog on wordpress and dont even post yet, the system is freaking out, desperately trying to create a situation.

No on is going to silence me. And no one is going to force me to create a blog that is full of hate. Though with what I have been through I should be now be nothing BUT hateful. But I am not.

That blog is going to document my travels and interactions with other classes and races and promote UNDERSTANDING not Divide and Conquer. Who is it I wonder, within the black communities as well as the upper classes that wishes to destroy such a beautiful thing even before it is born to exist?


It doesnt matter what I say, have said or how many times Ive used the N bomb under stress or whatever. I you are honest with people, if you explain yourself, if you let the world see your perspective on things, then people can have a better understanding of what is going on, from my demographics's perspective. Why is this such a threat?

I agree that my situation is extreme but thats going to be taken into consideration. African Americans will not be portrayed as just the Gang Stalkers I have encountered. That would be unfair. And everyone KNOWS damn well that I am actually a very fair, just woman who tries to be fair and promote peace and understanding even in the midst of my own situation being nearly impossible to live through.


I find it very amusing and actually exciting that the system is so threatened by the existence of this blog. That a poor, Caucasian 40 year old female Traveler cannot create and build such a thing without it causing a flood of activity from the covert systems that create chaos and terrorism domestically in the USA.

I feel I am onto something very dangerous, that they have lost control they percieve...and whenever that happens, they take grave and swift actions to ensure I am once again controlled. And beaten down.

Not this time.

This blog is a very good idea. For those of us who actually want peace and not some controlled NWO horrible place where constant hatred divides everyone. And I am not forcing peace down anyone's throat either. Its all about the individual Will. If you want to hate thats your business.

I am just tired of this issue and, like always, I will do something about it.

My book is alot easier for them to keep from getting written becuz the work is so laborious and time consuming. But this is something I can work on daily.

I cant really do anything else with the GS blog, unless I sue then there would be new developments- other than new bitching and going through harassment play by play on THIS blog, and posting the occasional new informative post on ONGANGSTALKING, theres really nothing else I can do with this subject.

The system has been keeping me in this loop of no one is going to believe the truth so why tell the truth, and it just goes nowhere. You want to solve the problem but its put to you like its unsolvable- interestingly as far as programming goes, that is what they do to computers to destroy them so they can reprogram them. Give them unsolvable problems.

However, I am human and will just create something else. I wonder if another part of their experimentation is to use programmed Survivors to actually backtrack us and use this to form or even teach AI programs. Dont forget the system considers all experimentees and Survivors just sources of profit and information. We have no rights, no human value and arent allowed to excersise our Wills outside of the maze they keep us in.

So anyway, I am going to do this blog. And the public are GOING to be exposed to a whole new way of looking at things from a perspective such as my demographic. And there will be no Christian craziness or sexism usually associated with White Seperatism nor will there be a philosophy of Seperatism at all. Its simply not practical. Unless you can afford to live that way and I cant.
Supremacy, I just dont believe in. It seems that every culture and group has thier good and bad qualities and talents.

Yet I would like to take a look at these subjects to investigate them. I cant quite rap my head around Supremacy. Its too severe. Seperatism is too impractical and to be honest it creates a sad world to live in.

Its challenging to try to see if truly getting along is possible as opposed to insane concepts like at once promoting Equality and then Diversity, total mind f*cks like that which of course just cover up corruption and humans behaving badly towards each other anyway.

I know 'Hate Your Brother' and 'Destroy Your Fellow Man' is IN right now but I am bored shitless really. I get it, your evil and cause chaos. Yay.
I am bored. I want something else to do. And this is it.

I am making myself insane and sick by stifling myself about these things.
And I have already thought about people getting pissed off or trying to shoot me or something like that or getting offended. What could be worse that being Gang Stalked to death? I already am waiting for the doctor to look at my internal bleeding, what the hell is there to lose? If anything DOES happen to me at least I leave this work behind as well as my other blogs.
Its something I have wanted to do for a while. And no one or nothing is going to stop me.

And since I have been targeted for years I know exactly what crap they are going to pull to try to make the blog into some insane hate fest pointing at Neo Nazism or something crazy and extreme. Hasnt anyone noticed that there are NO sites or blogs that are balanced and really trying to look at the issues? Its all extreme views or worse. Or people saying thier blog is about "white empowerment" but then they just post bitching about things like Affirmitive Action. If its going to be political then make it something that matters not day to day policies that we cant really change. Why bitch about that, and those blogs always get personal.

I want something intelligent on the subject. I think right now that is such a damn threat. Fine, if I have to leave the country anyway, its not like I cant write the thing from abroad.

I know I can be racist. Duh, its not like I am not honest about it. And I have my reasons as do other races and classes. And I understand myself as well as try to be tolerant and heal every time the PERPS frickin work off old wounds for the millionth time. Its a joke that they keep trying to use something against me that I am honest about and even want to use as a subject to be investigated.

I assume these are the same boring same old same old tactics used to destroy countless other Target's careers and lives. The Dog, that bounty hunter goes after the trust fund kid rapist who who inherited Max Factor fortunes, going into Mexico which he wasnt supposed to do. Magically hes caught on tape using racist speach about who or whatever. The guy's an old school hard ass, been to prison and in a militant profession. If that isnt typical behavior I dont know what is. Its standard for where he's been. For people to be surprised by that is childish, naive and just what this country is doing now- diversion after diversion. And intimidating people who go against the system in any independent way.

Even Whitney Houston. Ever notice that her getting exposure on tabloids for drug use never really was an issue until she pissed off a diplomat by being haughty and telling him she couldnt have some table at a restaurant? THEN her troubles began and they didnt stop until she was dead.
Mel; Gibson. Goes up against the military industrial complex of MASSACHUSETTS (oh dont I know how dangerous this damn place is) and suddenly he's exhibiting all the signs of someone targeted in a way to brainwash and traumatize him into the typical 'Its the Blacks and Jews!!!'.

The human mind is only so strong. And anyone without military or psych training like cops, agents, and soldiers are GOING to stress and break down. Actors especially (duh).

Wake up to the fact that covert activity runs this nation now and its special interests as well as its interests abroad. Targeting someone can make the most gentle person with good intentions look like the biggest asshole whos in danger of becoming a lone shooter- like soon.
Remember this system thats taking over considers any sort of humanity to be A SIGN OF WEAKNESS. They will use this against the Target and even convince them that they are better off becoming 'strong' in the long run by losing thier sensitivity and thier humanity.

Typical military mind set wouldnt you say?

So do what you will and I will do what I am going to do becuz no one is going to foil that idea.

Go ahead, shoot my ass. MARTYRDOM never sold so many books or created the most famous religions before...I have planned for that actually. And it would only add to my work being important, even if that book has not been published.
Me dying of whatever this is in my intestines is a good one as well but not so dramatic. And if its cancer I plan to play it up to seal my work as solid for centuries. Or at least among loyalists in the TI movement.

I have such fantasies about totally refusing the Nobel Prize. Kudos to Axl Rose for not being involved in that induction ceremony. At this point can any of us even take the culture seriously anymore anyway? Its so....f*cked up. And not in the old fashioned fun or interesting way either.

So I sense the system is very nervous. The people involved seem to dislike my creating a change to my own environment. They are much more content with thier controlling it.