“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harassment In Staged Set Up, Central Sq Cambridge Got Video, Known Crooked Cops Responded

Two little bastards harassed me today in a very organized fashion like a total planned set up. Central Sq of course.
Got.it.all in video. So who responds to.the call? Lol that black cop.who's been harassing mme for years that everyone knows smokes crack. The real dark one. And another very uptight light skinned insecure uppity tucker.

And a Latin who played 'good cop'.

They messed with me and antagonized me so I did it right back to them. A young black guy with a harmonica and a white kid. Both punks. They were very nasty to me and purposely showed up at my spot just as I sat down and started playing harmonica and started playing harmonica and asking for money.
Outside McDonald Central Sq Cambridge.

I only filmed.them becuz the skinny kid pulled out his shit phone and threatened to film me so I pulled out my smart phone. Riled them up and attempted some separation tactics and yes I used race I will use whatever it takes. I believe I told the dark haired one he was a "traitor" becuz hes siding with the other guy. This got them out of control and all they could do is become more aggressive which at least made the situation speed up to being over with.

The black guy stayed with the argument while his fried wanted to leave so I proceeded to inform him he was a terrible human being...and a bad black man and I made sure not to use the N word. It simply was not the appropriate weapon in this scenario. If you gang up on a vulnerable older lone female that when threatened (and broke) she is going to do whatever it takes to win, do to the fact she is out -manned and out testosteroned.

The short cop immediately played bad copper by interjecting aggressively that "what is this two males and one lone female? Like you can't handle yourself out here. I don't want to hear that" and it was said as a baiting to get me to react it was aggressive, demanding and intimidation. Dont tell me what to think about an incident. Don't tell me what to think at all, that isnt the job description. Arrogant as hell.

This is the way TIs are treated constantly by everyone they encounter. Since the function of such people is to control the TI daily, they rarely fear consequences for being overly controlling and going against civil and human rights or common decency in obvious ways they would have to abide by with any other regular citizen. Its absolutely disgusting.

Its also mean to foster a constant state of Stockholm Syndrome with the gang stalking system. With me they've been working for years on getting me to be comfortable with men controlling my life and surroundings. I resist. And I will continue to succeed in resisting.
They desperately need me to fall for trusting men controlling my situation nearly constantly. Its been male overload with this since 2003.

Plus when the inner city in this location is hot and sunny the feeling aggressive and too heated is really bad.
Now that I think about it, the purpose of this males protecting males bs that always goes on is to get the female Target to accept constant defeat at the hands of males so she accepts male authority and imprisonment more readily.
This isnt merely a war on women or an aggressive independent woman. There must be something specific to my programming that requires I be held down as an independent female and beaten down to accept males keeping me controlled and imprisoned. I think I know what it is.