“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boston is getting to me. I just cut off two dummies that were kind of comforting but they were getting me into trouble.

I realize.now the system wants me to hang out with people who have records and.get into trouble becuz it.helps.it appear I am unstable etc.

So they keep me down.to the point where I can only be around those types of people.

They had mites...the ones you get here. Luckily they.die in a day.and.with a wash but I JUST washed everything and I don't have any money to wash. I had my clothes all set for.the week. They are too new to know how who and where to avoid getting into fights with locals or things like mites.

They're just too young. And the girl who was a friend of mine has gone through a few bad men and now shes changed. Shes only 23. And shes soured already.

Shes also.somehow been brainwashed into being a total sexist and insulting other women probably she.got this from the man she was.with.

You are gone. There's no way I can tolerate female.bashing when.its.not warranted.

She was actually calling.this shapely girl in a dress.and heels the other day a stripper or whore on the train.

That is NOT the girl I.made friends with two years ago.

Also.the kid.shes.with now though nice lets her hit him and.order him around. He also.has qualities I can't.have around.me....like thinking Joan of Arc was schizo but Jesus was all good with his prophecies.

And.entire generation of sexist pigs who don't even realize.it.  The Neocon/Military's version of Hitler's brain washed youth.  Its totally fucked. And I need out of here ASAP.

Its only gotten more ridiculous in Boston.

Tonight we found a huge mess left by Marathon runners in the corner of.the stone church's yard. It was disgusting.

They threw magazines and bags of food in a pile. At least some.of the carb bags had sealed food.

I left those.two idiots cuz they were arguing with homebums and got.a. cop car involved. Done. Cops? I am.totally done with them. Thy aren't squatters.is the problem and they aren't willing.to learn. They are lazy.

I walked.back to Cambridge. On my way I.noticed all the trash and crap this city produces. Shopping bags.from nice stores etc.

They try.to act all Green and that their lives are better than ours but they aren't Green nor are.they smart. They are this really horrid breed of YUPpie found in the northeast that turns health.food stores into Wholefoods and.destroys the Cambridge CoOperative food store in Central Square to turn them into gourmet stores so.they can continue.to consume sugar.and their bad eating habits while pretending to be healthy and get to be trendy.

Their incomes and their connections.to old and wealthy institutions, neighborhoods and names validate everything.they do in.this insular little world no.matter.how fucked up they are.

After years of traveling its one if the most ridiculous things I've ever seen.

It's disgusting.

I.gotta.say though they do keep me fed and washed with spanging here. Money does flow in the northeast. And.I suppose everywhere in America is.disgustingly wasteful.

Its.just the proper in this area are SO goddamn catty and insecure and can't mind.their own business.

It.makes them look more fucked.up...

Then.they demand respect based on sheer status and income.  It.just ain't happenin.