“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It.doesn't.matter whether they are doing.it to TIs or just people they think are homeless. Boston.is EXTREMELY arrogant.to people they think are easily dominated.

That Asian Fuck is lucky he disaster get shot.right in the head or chest.or face for the way he antagonizes people.

And his purpose was.to be.an antagonizing dickless.Fuck.

And hes.going.to get punished.for.it.

Whether by me driving him nuts.or messing with him.or my covert helpers.who seem.to.....dispose of people.for me. Or at least see.they get the bad luck they deserve.

He was really arrogant. Hes.the type you just want.to torment and teach a serious lesson.

He can.go back to China town and choke on dog.dick on his chow mein as far as.I am concerned.

I would love.to get taken in for giving that Fuck a hard time. He just chuckled at.making.me angry.and went right for his radio.

Coward. Wimp. Not a real man picking.on a.woman.like me.

He needs a serious lesson in respect.

And if my system runs.the way.it usually does that savage will have a nice slip and fall or something.more..Direct.

I kind.of miss them crashing their cars into people who were disrespecting.me and.I didn't realize.it.


But since the secret service got busted with 47 dollar whores (which they refused to pay) life might be looking.up.

One By One. Even without my direct action.it happens.

They get theirs.