“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whats With All The Jealous B*tches

Please tell all the.skinny flat asses flat chested little rich MIT girls.that the only reason.they aren't average.is.becuz Capitalism makes average people better than superior people like me. She was probably a perp. But the little bitch with the attitude on the bus...

I.get.this a lot in Boston. The trains are the worst.

The old birches are the worst...white and average.of course. Southie townies are ok but the women in Someeville around Davis Sq are brutal. They were.so MEAN to me and my young female friend the other day. They seriously need tto stop being sexist to other women.

The ignorance.of.the public just makes.life worse.for TIs already being treated badly on purpose.

Its funny when normal people talk to you it breaks the control that the gs system has you under.

So I assume all the evil nasty people I encounter at MIT are perps or actors then. And on buses and trains and in public around Bosron and Cambridge.

This area has always been heavily saturated by many many gang stalkers. Its amazing the sheer numbwrs that exist here in public spaces as well as occupying various professions.

Why is Boston so immersed in evil?

And that evil has become.definitive and all encompassing.as.of 2003 in this area. I just don't understand it.

The place has become totally taken over by whatever this is in the.past decade or.so. its been so...total and complete. Its like an evil empire now.

I.recall my experiences in early 2000s up until early Obama. Especially circa 2008- it was like the movie End of Days. One could feel.some seriously evil darkness and cold energy present in Boston. Other places too like on the border of Mexico near Juarez the El Paso barrio I stayed in.

Whatever that was dispersed as of, say, 2010.

I cannot believe the sheer amount of people in on destroying someone like me.

I am assuming then that a good portion of society is part of this human sacrifice religion and there seems.to be a portion of the public that doesn't know.it exists.

Even if they make it out to be experimentation its definately not.just that. Its a collective ritual. And every single gang stalking.perp or anyone in on it is directly responsible for deaths like mine.

There are idiots out there who believe my family bloodline should be stopped becuz they believe.the.cover story that my family is awful.

The real reason is the system doesn't want to produce anymore effects of intergenerational radiation mutations-whether these be negative like my and my.mothers endometriosis or powerful like whatever super human or psychic..

Whatever they got out.of trying to build the superman.

Either that or Boston has a serious problem with the women being jealous.