“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Harassment Man Elevator

Guy at a local DARPA and govt funded college was with a covered Muslim short woman in elevator<br />I ask for.my floor.to be pressed. They get to their floor, he looks at her and gives a little laugh. He then looks at her and nods head like she should go out first.<br /> <br /> Then she asks "oh ladies first?" he replies "ladies first."<br /> <br />Then walk out and he says something about wanting her.to get out first so she wouldn't be hurt. I looked at his eyes when he walked out becuz I didn't understand what he was.ddoing yet as he.only said that when they were out.<br /> <br /> As.I did he had a cold dismissive look in.his eye.even though they were set.front away from me. Decidedly shutting me out.<br />Give.it.up.<br /><br />MIT WORKS.FOR THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WHICH MAKES.ITS.MONEY.OFF OF KILLING PEOPLE. <br />YOU KNOW WHOS DANGEROUS? THE ELITE WHO.GO.TO.THESE COLLEGES AND.THE ELITE WHO IN POLITICS AND THE MILITARY CREATE THESE WARS ON PURPOSE. <br /> <br /> Then multitutes of poor foreign and underclass American and allied men and women and.children die for them.<br /><br />He.was white, typical unattractive very average kinda slim WASPy type but not high WASP.like Harvard. Older like post grad age.<br />