“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Old Hardass Cop Behind The Glass At D-4 Can Go Fuck Himself..Its Not.The 70s Anymore

Giving my friend a hard time when she tried to file police report for fraud. Conflicting information with officer from D-4 on phone. Grills her about where she stays and.if shes in a shelter etc. Nothing to do with fraud report. He claimed he did this to establish location to send her to correct district. Where she sleeps outside or shelter has nothing to do with where crime was committed. (7-11 Copley has scam going hacking credit cards with Stores down south. But my friend's was social security money).

Also, this has nothing to do with making the report as the D-4 officer told me that a report could be made anywhere.

He told.me to go.sit down like a child when I was speaking along with my friend at the window (per her request). Then I called back the officer and established the truth and with speaker phone on he lost control from intimidating.us of course so banished me to go sit down again. He then had me removed..I of course kept my composure.

I left reminding them that "Its not the 70s anymore".

I am going to take control away from you bastards whenever I can. I am going to film you, record you and Fuck up your continued old school ways of intimidating the folk -the poor, the homeless the underclass of Boston as you have for centuries.

Its so easy now. Since I've traveled and been fighting these monsters nationwide for years.

Boston cops heavy handed masculine overbearing bs is nothing to me now.


I go right through you.

Still getting payoffs in those Xmas cards are we? F-U.