“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

South Station Boston And Cambridge North/Christophers Restaurant

Two places that are gang stalking hot spots:
SOUTH STATION MBTA train station and the area of North Cambridge, both in MA, USA.
Just awful. You are made to feel like the biggest jerk in South Station.
Its saturated with perps especially inside the station itself. Just awful.

North Cambridge always has constant GS activity. Unlike other areas it doesnt depend on other factors as to how often, how much GS or what tactics. Its always on in north Cambridge MA.

Went to a restaurant called Christophers on Mass Ave in Cambridge last night, my friend offered to get me something.

Our salads got mixed up by waitress and I am allergic to blue cheese dressing (food allergy). She had to replace those.

Then my burger was completely rare inside, she had to replace that.

Then the new burger at the end of eating it had what looked like Spanish or perhaps African American hair in it. A big piece. Got the hostess.
Hostess and waitress kept apologizing. When I was going to take a picture of it the hostess quickly took the plate away with a planned quickness "Let me get that for you".
Our meals and take out for our third party was free.

I predicted to my friend that my food would be messed with. She was fascinated at the accuracy of my prediction.
I just knew. When we were seated-the looks from across the room from our waitress and the knowing, mocking smile from the hostess early on let me know this was a heavily infiltrated place.

The food also took way too long another clue usually as to being gang stalked in a restaurant. Its not the lateness of the food itself-its all these things combined.