“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting Incompetent Care From Dr Gupta At Boston Medical Center Right Now

Seeing a Dr Gupta at Boston Medical Center.
Shes not listening to me about the internal bleeding that's happened in August last year and in February this year. She did not look at the ER record.for.August.

She was not responsible with an attempted examination.

Her only major concern was coming in a half hour late. I arrived 15 MIN late.

This hospital is for'local' residents in this neighborhood and local homeless/shelter rats. They might have treated me well last year but they aren't now. As far as.I am concerned.this is passive gang stalking (where a professional just doesn't do their job and uses excuses to cover for it).

This is also how they frame up a Target. Say a few days ago when that incident occurred in Central Sq where those well known crooked Cambridge cops responded to the call. The one who smokes crack (everyone knows down there) said to me "I bet you used the N bomb". So they antagonize a Target to react and behave a certain way. Then, when things happen the people in on it can claim the Target is a person of low character who reacts badly and behaves badly anyways, therefore its expected they get treated badly.
Like right now people reading this could say that I am well known to be difficult and pushy with physicians and so its MY FAULT this doctor reacted this way.