“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GS System's Main Purpose Is Control Of TI

In full force at Park Street just now. It was all perps and I didn't get the tech. Then again I made sure that I wasnt there all that long.

Why is Park St so bad with GS? That train station always.has been.

There's many gang stalking  hot spots. One is Park Street another is Central Square in Cambridge. Certain small areas here are guaranteed to produce perps and psych warfare tactics.

When it comes to Boston and their obsession with sticking together to protect criminals it wouldn't surprise me if a large percentage of the city just hates me outright and wouldn't give a second thought to being in on gang stalking me or mobbing.

This area of the country may have sold out to globalization but they are still extremely viscous to outsiders. They are so tight that they make huge distinctions between being from BOSTON proper and being from an outlaying area.

Also, they are most likely moving in at this point. Anyone who reads my blogs can tell I am not as strong as I was years ago and I am not censoring myself so I appear more crazy to anyone who hasn't followed along or doesn't know about gang stalking.

Contacting the FBI in Boston sounds a bit stupid considering they were in on the corruption with that federal investigation during Bush.

Maybe they are getting me to be this weak and sickly so I will print everything that occurs as I have.been expressly so that anything I try to do legally that IS believable won't work becuz I will appear mentally ill.

Maybe. But all that content is kept in the blogs. I dont discuss this publicly.

I don't want to go to the FBI becuz it might be that the FBI is behind the harassment in part as part of the cover story- like convincing people I need to confess or account for myself as others did during the investigation. The problem is that John Panderos told me.that everyone was being harassed. That he got a high priced lawyer as councel while he stepped up to account for what he did and didn't know. But why would the FBI harass people like this? Why wouldnt they just give out subpoenas?

Tonight was a lot.of the same I get in the Boston area. People inferring I am a snitch, people making fun of me etc.

It seems the system dislikes me accomplishing.things and keeping my schedule. This area is notorious for disrupting discipline and Will put forth to stick to a.schedule and accomplish things.

Its been rough. I use my years of knowledge to stay on track.


This has shown itself to be their sole purpose through years of my experiencing the GS system overt and 24-7 since 2003.

Note the Mexican in San Antonio who stated bluntly: "You can be controlled". The guy who ran away like a pansy when the cops were coming due to a stray dog.

Today I saw a truck with a sleeper cab parked at a business behind Central Sq. Cambridge.

I waved at the driver just becuz hitchers do this a lot and most truckers out of this area as.part.of the true trucking culture in most.of America recognize Travelers as part of the scenery or part of their culture.

The driver didn't respond but it was very dark in cab and he was sitting way back. No one else could've seen his response except close up.

As I waved and walked by I distinctly sensed that someone watching my movements felt that they had lost control over me due to my being able to be part of a culture outside the realm of this area's control. Like the trucking culture not only provided me with physical escape but allowed me to have a psychological escape.route as well. Bondng with people who are outside of what this area is about.

I distinclty felt.this from whoever was observing. That they felt they were faced with a moment where I bonded with someone or.something that was beyond their control.

That is how much like a serial killer the people behind this are. To need.to control someone until you crush them to death.

The statement from that Mexican in San Antonio lets me know I am right about what I felt today being correct.