“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Medical Field Is A Corporate Industry As Is All Of The USA

You know that doesnt bother me so much as the arrogance and many people involved seeming to be amused by my hardship. Thats whats wrong with this entire situation throughout. That the public sees these people giving thier best act, on their best behavior but Ive seen how selfish, rude, destructive and greedy they are. With a disregard for human life that is NOT a normal part of the craft of physician. Thats becuz we dont have physicians anymore. We have huge corporate conglomerates who work with insurance companies and employ whoever is being churned out of the many medical teaching hospitals.

Its an industry now and has been for a while. Along the way Ive seen and talked to docs who have left the field or retired to some other form of the profession becuz they couldnt keep up with the insurance companies changing the field to an INDUSTRY doing things like putting quotas on doctors.

Think about it: what kind of a assh*le do you have to be to live under and actually flourish living under the tyranny of Big Pharma and the insurance companies as well as your own malpractic insurance and avoiding those kinds of difficulties. Its a cut throat industry now just like everything else has been shifted into being. America from what I have seen nation wide is nothing but a huge corporate wasteland. Places like Boston do a really good job of covering that up by having specialties like medical etc and using the former specialness of places like Harvard to buy clout in the public's mind.
And if an area has enough money only then can they refuse the corporate wasteland crap you see in this country everywhere that doesnt have a specialty to profit from which is most of the rest of America. And if a town or city has money, like Lexington they can keep thier original style and architecture, especially if it feeds the tourist industry.

Americans dont want to admit the entire country is now corporate. Its like they have selective memory, pushed by media of course, like forgetting in the 70's the Arabs were buying everything and in the 80's the Japanese. Yet during the Bush and war era in early 2000's, America put forth propaganda that made it appear we had never left the 1950's or early 60's with us being a unified, single nation with an intact insular culture. It was one of the best marketing campaigns yet.

If you want to succeed nowadays you have to become an inhumane total assh*le who goes along with any and all human and civil rights violations. Its still disgusting to listen to Bush say that this or that journalist's work was "subversive". And due to the power the war afforded him, the public had to listen and fear that bs. Ridiculous.

None of this is real. Its only corporations. In the late 90's in our youth we tried to fight this as we saw it coming and taking over reality itself- the culture of our nation. They beat us down and the world STOPPED listening. Then Naomi Wolf had to listen to that respectable but still creepy Charlie Rose tell her to "grow up" in response to her work which consists of deconstructing this corporate take over of our lives.
So they've succeeded. And the public lives in a false environment created by corporations creating realities as they see fit. What no one expected was that what had been going on prior would become part of the prison.
Reagan trying to get the public to approve using these technologies on select populations and what has been conceptualized in Mind War about using them for mass mind control. Seems like all he did was get it passed covertly. Obviously.

Put these two together and you have the mess I and other TI's have been living in for years now. The unrealistic perception that we are free, a free country and have rights as citizens but that just isnt true. Its also affected the quality of human beings in culture.
People actually cannot afford to be human. To be civil to act normally or according to thier conscious. And America is the sort of place where people simply do not know how to rebel against this kind of oppression. The country just isnt old enough to realize that this is actually happening HERE. Not in Russia where its well known punitive psychiatry is used to silence dissidents. But HERE in the USA.

Perhaps our great great grandparents could have told us that the people in authority do such things but it seems American culture makes us lose our knowledge from Europe of being more grown up about politics and the nature of humans and society.

Mom and apple pie, Judeo-Christianity and Disney World have been being used for years to cover for a country that is built slavery, child labor, exploitation and corruption. Endless examples can be sighted. And always its about f*cking over whoever you can to make the most money.

None of this would bother me so much, if America were just honest about its own history and current actions. And perhaps, if it had some soul, some art to it. Something to give solace or to make up for its greedy grabbing away of lives for its own gain. At the end of my day, personally, Mickey just doesnt provide that. And that might be the most sadistic joke of all on The Public by the Elite. And they know it too, and they are laughing and getting off on it just as Ive experienced Harvard students working at the shelter observing me and being entertained by my suffering.

These are not good people. These are the biggest assh*les you'd ever want to meet in your life. I used to deal with rich people and no matter how screwed up they or thier lives are they will take extremes to never have to admit that- to society or themselves especially. They WILL crush whoever threatens to expose or reflect thier weaknesses and defects back at them or to the public.

Hopefully this time, they went a little to far, as all the actions against me can be traced to a conspiracy involving international war crimes- and they can finally be put to justice.

If not, I am sure other countries, hopefully ones that hate America, with good reason as well, would gladly like to host me and my work and listen to the loads of information from years of this. Not just enemies of the USA but truly free countries where law still means something. If Bush cancels his trip to Switzerland due to avoiding an accusation of war criminal, if some other country is NOT afraid of the U.S.A, Harvard University, MIT, the military industrial complex, the intelligence agencies, the private sector and all these other power mongering a-holes involved then that means there is hope somewhere out there in the world.

Remember you are only experiencing what is going on in America. People like me are stuck here so they think. Its been proven however that I am crazy enough to frickin just leave. My father did it and I will too. Except no one is fooling me into believing I am mental just becuz I am right about my mother's family being involved in a secret govt project involving the CIA and the military. Oh no. Very sorry about that, but I aint as security seeking and afraid as mom and I aint as naive and easy to freak out as dad. And I want thier heads for destroying my parents also.

There has got to be other countries who are not in on this. Who think Harvard sucks and arent impressed. Who know the kind of wankers we are dealing with that are behind these institutions. Who arent afraid of MIT or the military. Or the Bush crime family.

And all the while I will run over in my mind every jerk who was mean to me and tormented me and thought this was funny and that I was just some poor bitch who couldnt do anything about her situation. Its hard to do anything about your situation when you are heavily targeted with tech as well as you've got perps walking around dosing you with whatever is in those spray bottles. People denying you tormenting you. A constant never ending barrage of people. Kids riding by on bikes saying shit like "Freedom isnt free". Where do they get all these people?

I wanna write my story and I want out of this sick ass country. The place is disgusting. And its never going to change. It might have been marketed as an opportunity once centuries ago but as far as I can see, anyone who came over from Europe was a sucker.
I am sure Britain sucks as well like this. All the TI's say so. Its part of the same system and resembles Boston alot. Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge...whatever.

I want faaarr away from all that. I want out.