“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, April 30, 2012

Snooty Mex's Up North

Why do Mexican service women SUCK and are SNOBS and BITCHES in the Boston area compared to the rest of the United States?

Say what.you THINK you know about 'border towns' I'd rather be in Yuma, AZ or the barrio in El Paso or San Antonio TX or Chila Vista CA and deal with people who, though many are in on GS many aren't and they are usually decent and often happy people.

They aren't depressed and SHITTY becuz of their economic situation or hard times.

Yet when in Boston I always experience them to be horribly snooty and judgemental. Either they're being paid to be rude via gang stalking to make Targets feel uncomfortable or I've always thought they are.picking up the white's extremely bad habits up here.

Actually they are shitty and snooty in Harvard Square too. More snooty.

Its totally obnoxious compared to how they are in other parts of the country. Sure they are rough in places like San Antonio but they are also earthy friendly community minded and easy to get along with. Other than the ones involved in gang stalking or like in San Antonio being perverts their culture can be much more tolerable than others.

Perhaps becuz its based in poverty and I understand.that from growing up in it. By nature I don't LIKE it but its been my fate in this life.

Other cultures take themselves waaaayyyyyy to seriously when in poverty and that depends on the city and state as to exactly what demographic that is.

The more I.go away from Boston the more I travel through here realizing that this culture is not about freedom-its about slavery. And being uptight. And being a Liberal Nazi.

Its.about being ignorant and closed minded.to.the world.outside of the north East. Its about walking and.driving fast in.order.to get.nowhere fast or to.wait for a stop.light. Being competitive over EVERYTHING all the time.

This place teaches you to push yourself, against some.imagined enemy or each and every encounter with other human beings- you must win. You must compete. You must make up.for not going.to.Harvard and.not having a house in Wellsley. For not being at the pinnacle of success. For.not being born with the ultimate advantages, for.not being in the ultimate status crowd.

If you cannot compete.you are supposed to be miserable....as a penance I.suppose.