“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stressed Being Back Home

Eating way too much due to the stress of general gs situation but also to be back in my hometown is always such an awful feeling. <br> <br/> And its a bit cold and that thing on my side, the reason I am back here, is hurting off and on. Its the cause of my occassional internal bleeding. </p> <br/> <p>Yes, VERY stressful. </p> <br/> <p>Perps continue their bs. But its based now on just keeping me silent. <br> <br/> The Asians involved are probably the most annoying. Ok the Chinese.Mafia is up into everything and you have your people at.MIT and going to med school. WE GET IT. U R STEALTH.</p> <br/> <p>WHATEVER.</p> <br/> <p>GOD..they think they are the only people to ever be sneaky. To an Italian its just amusing. But my Eastern European DNA pretty much sees right into these neighbors to the East. Its a joke. And after years of people like this telling me outright that even though they r in med school they are indebted to this syndicate and will have to be on hand for life if they need anything.

Yeah stealth. Yeah u sure got the best of me....whatever.

I have serious work to.do in this body as long as.it lasts. Get the fuck OUT of my way with your age old childish bullshit (everyone involved not just Asians.) and let me do my job. Which will get done no matter what shitheads think they are clever getting in my way.

If I think the punk asses here in Boston are going to damage me on the table if.I need surgery.or more limey will try to handle me into believing nothing is wrong then I will just get.it looked at overseas.


I don't trust the feds.or the criminals. Nor the intelligence people or the military.

I am going.to.sue.the FBI for harassing.me or they need.to look into SOME GROUPS stalking and harassing Targets that are made out to be the FBI by other involved.

My.health.issues are all due.to the actions of everyone involved.

They are.either going.to.pay.here or the book gets written.overseas.  Where other countries will believe America id THIS fucked up.

Then you've got those clowns in Southie are ANY of those people even smart enough to even understand MK Ultra? I think the cover story is all they are capable of grasping. They still think this.is a fuckin joke. They probably are demented ( Catholic and drunk) enough to treat war crimes like a joke.

Why not?

I am.sick of people thinking they got over on me. Mere kids in Cambridge telling.me I am dumb when obviously the little scum know nothing of whats really going on.

The public are silly stupid and I can't blame the elite for rucking them over and enslaving.them.

All the info on my blog is just for us....the elite who are NOT necessarily in line with the Satanic agenda.

If u r smart.enough to know whats really going on.

Not arrogant low-class punks, rotten rich kids and racist sexist assholes. And mere children. All fools.