“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Boston And Cambridge Want Me OUT OF TOWN

The reason I am so hated here, aside from the obvious issue of me being a whistleblower is that I dont fit in anywhere.

In Boston you must fall into a group, neighborhood or under someone else's power umbrella. You are Irish and have Irish contacts and friends. Same with Italians.

The African American population is strong here but they predominantly do what powerful, wealthy
'whites' say and much of the time serve as house slaves if you will. Believe me, when you get persecuted by the elite here, you will see a very nasty side of blacks. Besides I went through bussing in the 70's and can attest to the fact that Boston's blacks were raised like animals to fight and be self destructive UNLIKE animals however.

Blacks in Boston are put in charge of stray poor whites in the community. They attempt to co-op, keep down, contain, handle and do everything HOUSE SLAVES do for those in power. You will meet independent minded blacks who will admit whats up with the system- out in St Louis, Cali, NYC or other locations NOT in Boston or Cambridge. Thats been my experience anyway. Its really really sick. But, thats they way they operate here and they believe its in the best interest of local black communities and the cause for black advancement everywhere.

Not that the Irish havent been mean to be as well, but they often have a bit of guilt, as a Catholic should. The elite types look like they know its all wrong, but are steeling themselves to allow my destruction for this cause of thiers they hold so dear. I admit if I were up to the sick, sadistic, illegal, unethical crap they were into and privvy to, I'd play code of silence also.

So I am hated becuz I basically have no people here who want anything to do with me, minus a few friends. Boston is a city of groups or gangs/clusters of certain kinds of people. They take pride in this, of course becuz the city is one of the single most sick and demented places on earth. If you begin to grow up and dont want to be as sick as Boston, Cambridge and MA in general, then you will be ostracized. Of course my situation is political and them trying to get away with murder, which they've done for years anyway. Yet along with thier 'legit' reasons for wanting me out of town and silenced, it is in thier nature and upbringing to subconsciously live in this sickness and in cohesive groups defined by location, class and ethnicity.

Boston not only hates me becuz I represent truth, and them having to face thier misdeeds but that I am alone. I dont have a powergroup to exist in. I am no longer 'connected' to anybody. I am, by thier definition, 'OUT'. And when you are out, you have to leave town. Which is thier typical childish, spoilt brat, sick, twisted, criminal minded way of doing things as its always been.

However, if I leave town I only find the same situations in any other state I go to. AND other parts of the country dont allow access to education, technology etc to poor whites or poor people in general the way this area does.

Thats why they want to keep me out of here. Becuz I can actually accomplish my goals in this location.

(why did I just experience two beefy construction 'regular' guy types walking through the MIT library and the hold on me lifted? Are the elite somehow afraid of such people? Is it why they hate me? I dont get any of this)