“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Muslims Knock Over Graves...And SO WHAT??


This is just a personal thing, having nothing to do with GS.

Get rid of all Abrahamic religions NOW. Let the Middle Eastern originated religions go back there and stay there. The entire world has been influenced by the SAME nonsense and the majority of people have to live under these religions yet they all fight with one another.

It doesnt make any sense. Why are we, Europeans, Native Americans and people of African descent living under the influence of MIDDLE EASTERN RELIGIONS that have a monopoly on our society socially and on our spirits as human beings then, at the same time they cause constant disharmony among us?

Middle Eastern people like to haggle, fight and argue. Their region breeds radicals and extremists like no tomorrow. Why is this??? Is this thier nature? Or the nature of this set up which always plays out into Divide and Conquer?

People of European descent are asleep. They-we, have been so traumatized by a thousand plus years of oppression, torture, behavior modification and brain washing by the church in the Middle Ages that many people still fear arguing with this particular authority figure and power structure.

African Americans differ from people of European descent in that the church is a place of unification for them against oppression and slavery as well as inspirational and healing. They may have been forced to emigrate through slavery and even forced to take on Christianity but thier experiences with slavery might as well be comparable to Europeans experiences with the church for approx 1,500 years.

Guess what? I am not offended, becuz I dont care. Awwww isnt that too bad. They should be punished for knocking over soldiers graves. As well as disrespecting any other religious beliefs. And above all things for disrespecting the dead.

Isnt this the kind of behavior that Satanists involve themselves in? What are they going to do next, go into a cave or abandoned basement, have sex drink beers and listen to Slayer after they sacrifice a poodle?

CHILDISH. Are these people even real Muslims or are they covert agents posing as radicals doing dumb, immature sh*t to perpetuate war between Abrahamic religions (BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG).

Has anyone else had enough of this boredom and foolishness, meant to divert our attention from whats really going on that so dangerous right now?

Dead people, newflash..ARE FRICKIN D-E-A-D, dumbasses. They are rotting flesh, mere vessels no longer used. Mammalian bodies buried in the ground. They could care less. Its thier actions in LIFE that matter so, not after they leave the body.

And knocking down graves doesnt exactly put you genuises in a time machine so you can change their actions and its effects during thier life times, so why dont you give it up?

Go chase little boys or something...or plan your daughters Female Genital Mutilation ceremony. Becuz, as you say, 'Boys are for sex- women are for babies'.

Again I cant fear anyone who fears a clit. I know the powers that be use covert action to cause terrorism and war in your region. But dont blame nobodies and The People.
Blame the leaders.

And the best you could do was throw a shoe at that f*cker...two shoes. Not very impressive.

Why dont you drop that insane religion and go back to Zoroastroism and having female generals? Ancient Middle Eastern culture seems so respectable, artful...and romantic.

Muslim religion cheapens ancient peoples in these regions the way that Christianity cheats peoples of European descent out of thier heritage as well....and spiritual power.

The Jews? Well, the only thing wrong there is everyone looking Russian, Eastern European and German and....other European ethnicities and thier refusal to admit they have been picking up our DNA for centuries-by still teaching Creationism. Yes, that also cheapens an ancient people.

The modern world sucks, badly. People claim to live in this age of reason via having all these answers from science yet they continue to believe things-different things that make them fight with one another in groups and as individuals. Things that would be considered delusion under psychiatry's qualifications. Psychiatry doesnt dare go there becuz the church- a still effective form of social control, has alot of power and has been around alot longer.

Yet if they were correct in thier theories, religion should not exist.

Science discovers this or that and man creates amazing things yet he cant settle as far as belief systems go. There's never any peace.

None of this makes sense. And your actions are stupid and most of all, meaningless. You remind me of blocked artists. Your cousins the Jews dont have this problem and look how successful they are as a people. But yes, I understand without all that foreign, non Middle Eastern DNA they wouldnt be as successful as they are.

Knocking over graves that some land developer in 100 years is going to build something over anyways..if we can still exist here, is meaningless.

Just like a bunch of Europeans following some Middle Eastern/Italian guy or a lost tribe following a religion that can be clearly traced back to have been pieced together from earlier religions, also polytheistic at thier beginnings. Who was Allah?

The public is manipulated into being marketed three different spiritual figures from the same source and the same region like brands of coffee- no matter which one you choose you are still taking from the same company. Only CHOICE and purchasing power creates the illusion you used your own Will and made an independent decision, when in fact, one was already made for you before the product hit the shelves.

If anyone is offended by the Muslim radical's actions, you are wasting your time watching the wrong hand of the Illusionist. Take a closer look as to whats really going on right now.