“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Austin TX Harassment Uses Peons And Bourgeoisie Rich...And I Owe Myself More Than Thus

I'll never move to Austin TX. Becuz I get harassment frok the biggest nobodies. The African Americans think they are clever. At least in Boston they have to depend on terror and mobbing and the element of surprise and being obnoxious becuz they KNOW im intelligent ans I have people in the community.

Im sick of being nice to the lowest level peoplejust to survive. Austin is waaay beneath my level, they keep me targeted by people who are arrogant and have absolutely jo class about the situation.

They treat you like shit in Austin and with total disregarf. As if you have no power at all.

In other places the harassment is meaner or more violent but there are SOME allies or people who are afraid or overpowered.

Its unbelievable to me here the total lack of respect and focus on status only.

Im sick of blacks trying to manipulate me. Ive been aware of their recent change in tactics yet they still act like they are smart or clever....they act like they are in control.

In Boston the blacks act like they are forever trying to gsin control but never quite can totallu.

I will not be fucked with by people who are so beneath me this regularlu.

The herd mentality down here is deadly and im also shocked at the alliances between blacks and Mexicans. Im also very disappointed. In Cali theu are different and the alliances are different.

Im also getting alot of harassment from religious types. People who talk about Jesus and i overhear talking about church.
There are church people here where the church is obviousky a cult or using cult mind control.
That means there might be more Cause Stalkers here than I've ever dealt with before.

I can't wait to return to Boston for a short stint for business, and be harassed by a much better class of people.

I can accept that the children of the elite.or mafia kids or smart students are my betters.

I also understand and respect their motives. MIT, Harvard or being involved in any part of The Complex, having parents making money off of it, political connections.
That all makes sense. I dont like it but I get their motives. They are actually legit.

Getting harassed down here so mercilessly by THE most insecure, Bourgeoisie awful people (and their peons) whos motives cannot possibly merit the amount of pure snide, smug assholedom they put into the harassment has been an experience that shows me exactly what is wrong with most of the USA outside of special places like the north east and Cali.

There are losers there too but even the elitists who harass me think they are a joke also.

Its been awful to feel like Ive no leverage at all. Ive expended so much energy being amiable or acting stupid to get people off my ass....while Ive been working on fighting the most devistating kind of oppression a US citizen could know domestically.

My blogs and my work and my facing what I have should be all rights be respected. Its not the adversity it's the fact they lean so heavily on disregard and beefing up their own pathetic status or self as a form of psychologic warfare.

Whetr Im from, this is called making it personal just like in the movies.
Austin seems to rely heaviky on acting like you slapped them in the face personally and they are getting revenge on that level.

The harassment here is so petty i cant get any work done. Theres so many idiots who seem to not even know whats really going on but are viscous as if I crossed them personally.
This is unacceptable and like everythkng else here-its juvenile. I refuse to prove I have power to people like this. In Boston its about understated power. Here if its not shoved in peoples faces, no one gets it.

I cant take it anynore.