“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Austin is Oppressive And Unhealtgy. GS System Oppresses On Very Personal Levels

The ritualistic gesturing tactical harassment in Austin being so pervasive and constant is very hard on the ego and seems to be part of a very hard push to wear me down for behavior modification.

Ive never been anywhere that supressed my sense of self so powerfully, where I found myself hating who i was, my lifestyle even my clothes just based on the sheer power of the collective in the surrounding environment or community.

Theres alot of powerful tech here.

The daily interface is rough. Sort of a brutal Truman Show Effect but its definitely used to train the Targeted persons mind and emotions.

Its really annoying it now includes Alex Jones and has included Willie Nelson becuz of course these are local famous people.

Its just soooo annoying. The heavy handsd interfacing tech plus the constant gesturing is pretty oppressive.

This city isnt as bad as other places as I can get things done and im not being harassed into going to jail but is it worth it when your personal pride no longer exists or you dont get to have a sense of privacy at all.

That's the unusual results that differs from other cities and towns. Despite getting results or being safer or less harmed than other gang stalking locations, the feeling of being in a cycle of being punished or bullwhipped daily and penalized for just being your self, which isnt even possible here, isnt worth it.

Whats the point of any kind of success or advancement if the Self doesnt survive. If one doesnt have control anymore. No private space.

In other places, the harassment invades my private space. In Austin I have no such thing to begin with. Theres no personal dignity to destroy becuz its ddnied from the second you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

I need to treat a medical issue over a long term and I was thinking Austin would work becuz it's fairly livable in the winter months. But if its this controlling and miserable I cant deal with that.

I wake up and all my woes attack me the second I become conscious. That is NOT the case in most other locations.

And other places treat me like sh*t but at least I have the illusion of hope and access to my personal power.

I also have discovered that it seems Austin is unhealthy environmentally.

Lots of Staph in the south. They don't understand Lysol down here. They dont have an ocean or winters to clean and kill things.

It effects peoples minds it seems. I think the environment encourages drinking and eating here. Even fears about not having money.

I guess New England has its positive qualities.