“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, March 13, 2015

Boston Bullshitting : The False Flag Op Trial/Media Bias On Tap

F*ck your bullshit trial. And all the crap news stories you're running to create bias.

The Boston Bombing, one way or another was an operation perpetrated and pulled off by those wishing to gain as well as fool the public by continuing the 'war on terror '.

I know that city, that area like the back of my hand.
its evil in ways the rest of the country doesnt even begin to comprehend. They know how to hide, behind religious pious bullshit, Harvard University -all the academic powerhouses, and the world class medical establishment. (Aww. Children's Hospital. Aren't we just SO good!!)

They all glorify organized crime without any thought or comprehension of what they are really supporting (the Irish and Italian org crime..yet again the Jewish syndicate disappears from view as if it doesn't exist.) Again the people there are simply unthinkingly evil. Its totally unconscious. Totally accepted and even expected even required.

Catholicism though I understand it has some value, creates a compartmentalized mind in people. All the Catholic ethnic cultures like Irish, Italian and Spanish or Latino find nothing wrong with organized crime. Its practically part of the religion. So is herion addiction.
Theres an underlying perversity to Catholic culture.

Its all about power and arrogance.

Outsiders like to reference the photo of the cop bringing milk to a family during Marshal Law after the Boston Bombings.

Let me tell you something. Catholics are closet hams. Showing off is part of the insanity. But it's done sneaky. WASPs tend to understate thenselves. Catholics are the ultimate n*ggers of Christianity-no one decks themselves out like its Saturday night clubbing every day of the week like Catholics. And no other people live in a self glorifying delusional fantasy world like Catholics.
Gotti: see my point?

First of all the cop did it for the cameras. Boston Catholic criminals are always aware of being watched-the cameras are always rolling. The feds or other criminals might be watching. Hide and keep your image up. Always.

When you know you're doing wrong you take steps to look as if nothing could be farther from the truth.
Its a big joke to them there. 'Oh look how we fool the public '. 'We are just so much smarter.'
Boston's mainstay in life, its very meaning of existence is power..and being smarter than the rest of the United States. NYC is the only place they fear might have them beat at these games they play wirh the rest of the world. NYC is more overt and openly strong arm about their power lust, greed and violence.

Secondly know this: the family recieving that milk is probably one that hiss known to the cops and has given generously to their extortio...I mean charity fund over the years. Pay offs are often made in this way.
They are in good favor of the tyrants in blue over there.
IF they had upset or offended anyone important or the cops thenselves or otherwise falleb out of favor, what looks like Mayberry to the rest of the country would shortly turn into KGB run USSR complete with torture. If lucky you're shunned and run out of town. If not there's an accident or meat locker waiting for you.

Every few times a decade in modern times a body shows up in the Charles River wearing stereotypical cement shoes or weights and chains. Just to send a remindet out to the community that they haven't gone anywhere. Their just hiding again like the good old days when people would claim "(organized crime) doesn't exist!).

Boston is filled with psychotics and sociopaths in positions of great power and it used to have balance where the place could redeem itself with truly good deeiwds or meaningful contributions to humanity or harboring cultures or demographics that could live off the wealth there by trickle down effect and do lofty things like create art or social change etc, as the original Brahmans of the area intended many centuries ago.

These qualities have been lost or destroyed so that only the filth remains. It has absolutely no soul now and has been cut down into nothing but a pure money making machine and generator of massive worldly power-without taking worldly responsibility.

Asshole foreigners have bought and sold the area. People who have no sense of the age old cultural nuances of the original settlers or third wave, turn of the century immigrants from Europe.

People are nice in Boston as long as they have their fix: money, worldly power, heroin, superior intellect, elitism, beauty, culture.

They are spoiled rotten and don't percieve of outlaw, criminal means to get what they want as wrong. (Hey you are all stupider than us. YOU fell for it. Its on YOU.)

To them the natural order of things consists of Boston outdoing everyone else in the country. Anything less might result in total sociolathic, violent consequences. (Like their Homeland Security funding being pulled not long before the bombing.)

The evil hiding in New England is unbelievable to an outsider. Perhaps the witch hunts were actually legitimate or the male judges were racking up female human sacrifices to gain power through these means.

And thats another thing. Due to the area embracing Feminism the male population's sexism has to be perpetrated in sneaky, hidden, sick sadisitic ways.

Boston is a nest of snakes, witches, warlocks, murderers, career criminals and decievers, most often victims of complete self deception.

There's a history of the important cities with money being protected and watched not just by law enforcement or unseen official power (intelligence) but by people involved with organized crime. The bookies were shopkeepers or cabbies etc.

The place is so tightly controlled its doubtful anyone could pull off any sort of destruction against the people or property. If anyone even tried theyd wish the feds would've gotten to them first.

There is no way anything like the Boston Bombing (hoax) could have ever happened there-without full or partial compliance of the people in place that protect and have protected the area for centuries.

With how evil the place is, it goes against probability that similar actions taken against the area doesnt happen more often. So why doesn't this sort of thing happen more often? Becuz if anyone pisses people off with gross abuses of power with a flare for arrogance-its Boston.

The trial is a show for the public by the elitists and organized criminals who own this area. Again...they ARE smarter than you, ya know?

Just accept it and know your place. If you dont allow Boston to stuff it's greedy demands down your throat America, you are going to have 'problems'...Capiche?