“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Two Perps Identified In South Congress Area Businesses Austin TX

Two perps found in South Congress area of Austin.

Blonde kid droopy eyes works daytime in Homeslice Pizza which is generally creepy anyway. Its owned by some NYers I believe. They may be nice to the homeless but they are annoying to the targeted homeless. The Mexican vook staff are also rude to me. The night workers and a biyish female during the day are very nice people and polite.
Hes nice enough but he attempts to interrogate information in the old way perps used to. Where am I goijg next usually which is lame and he was very interested to hear I was leaving Austin soon and today asked how much longer id be here then tried to ask about where i was going.

I never tell people anymore and if i do I lie or misdirect.
My old friend in Boston used to do this and I never understood why she gave different people different info usually bullshit. Now i realize she was targeted probably life long due to her father having a side job with a certainvery nasty agency. Its a wise practice.

The second and much worse perp is a male working at Shell gas station and convenience store next to 7-11 on SoCo toward Oltorf st.

This guy im gonna take action against becuz he was sooo offensive and i can get him for legit harassment due to his actions.

He is from some part of India like everyone else who works there ive heard him speaking Hindi or some dialect ro other employees.
He has glasses and is youngish and has that assholedom thats very specific to the Millenials involved in doing harassment. However after hearing I was 44 he claimed he was 42.

He looks young and claims thats becuz "Black dont crack". Hes not African and for India hes pretty damn light

Let me be clear that the usual man I deal with is very nice and polite to me. He is older and has a healthy chubbuness to him and generally a much more happy, attractive person.

This kid Ive never dealt with and he started by asking where Im from and I don't look like im from TX. He said he lived in Boston which like his age I dont believe.
He then went on to say that my life must have wemt to shit for me to be traveling. He also further looked for info to make a judgement by asking me if i was " on the street" or if I "have a house".

I refused these questions. I told him I was an activist. He said "You dont look like an activist". Which is ridiculous,
what does one 'look like'.

He then said I looked like I came from a good home and something happened to cause this situation etc.

He's a psychopath the kind they use for gang stalking specifically. He's obviously reverse racist and delusional about being African American or is into the dangerous MultiCult racism created by believing in the concept of 'People of Color' (The Nazis would be proud. Laughabley in Boston and among white-Mexicans here, framing me uo as a Nazi is popular. I believe this was started in pathetic Cambridge or Boston.)

Hes also into harassing women he percieves as powerless due to being at a social and economic disadvantage. He was also very controlling and manipulative with the conversation and I believe hes a predator attempting to find a vulnerable female for victimization.

His response to my claiming activism is common in the US and among the homeless was that " i take care of my shit. If anyone messes with me, I take care of them."

Did I not say TOTAL PSYCHO?

this kid is angry and seeking power and having delusions of grandeur about how much power he has in life to control any interference.
His problem is that he must percieve me as someone who got in the way of his affairs becuz hes 'taking care' of a threat the way hes acting towards me.
Or he is part of the gang stalking system so if anyone "messes" with him, he can have them 'taken care of'.

This one in particular is an arrogant little punk who needs schooling. Hes f*cked and he got me off guard but hes going to get at least exposed for his disresoect.

I dont come from a good family actually thats one pf the rationales used by the perps. That i come from "the worst kind of backround" (black bitches in Boston and they can go f*ck themselves).

Its funny, i never have to 'take care' of anyone. Its done for me.
But that might be becuz as an MK Kid im US military property...it might be other connections.

Who cares?

The kids boss is gonna deal with it or we can do something else.

Austin is so arrogant Ive gotten used to reporting people to bosses and companies. I can tell the system doesnt such care becuz I dont put my name on the complaints.

This scum are only concerned about legal consequences. Like most Americans they only fear lawyers, guns and their wallets being hit.

SoCo has been flooded with stalking and harassment perps ever since May 1 just like Barton Springs which is most likely private black ops or other similar forces present for the tourist season. They do the same thing in Boston frok June 1 - end of August.