“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Once Again The Public Are Arrogant Scum

Aren't they sweet? The mob of sheep, they consistently think they're smarter than me...its so precious. And its not going to last long either. The only thing the idiots are.going to be able to do is ignore me. Its all they are capable of to protect their culture of corruption and greed. Daily its only the nice people who pull me through. The cool people and the kind ones. Except the morons who hande me by smiling in my face and pretending they dont know who i am and all is normal. I often wonder just how many of these people know the entire truth like about the war crimes involved and mk ultra etc..or if they r dumb enuf to actually believe its about some cover story or that i was duped by powerful criminals connected to that cop scum in Boston. The FBI has got to be one of THE most crooked agencies going now and has been for years. Knowing the American public's motives for going along with anything like this wether they know the whole truth or not is basically their desire to preserve the American way of life that satisfies their greed, vanity and basic needs, its not surprising these animals Ive had to encounter over the years are such self righteous pigs. The country has become a disgusting indecent corrupt corporate shithole for decades now and we all shud know that. Terrorism just gives Americans an excuse to stand by that culture of corruption and act as if they r the victims instead of the worst country on earth. America was, once, a place one could truly respect. Fear is not respect. Fears is what criminals induce in people becuz they know obviously they r wrong. For anyone to be against me and on the side of whoever is responsible for my being oppressed they wud have to be the biggest cowardly assholes ever. People dont mind if the criminals now run everything overtly-as long as they can pretend America is still great and they r in the right. Look at all the people who helped destroy my life-they have normal lives or they got rewarded. Ive lived on the street for years. America sucks and its total scum. They are so fuckin arrogant that i had kids years ago telling me that everyone else wud move on and out of this i wud b a "contraversial writer". I dont want that. I want justice, a payoff for damages and total revenge. Fuck being a contraversial writer. That equals alot of work for no kind of life. Who the fuck allows a mob of people with war crimes involved to dictate someone's future? I want what was taken from me and i want revenge. There are alot of other countries out there. Places that know whats going on here. Theres no need to be controlled by the arrogant, average nobody scum that is the American public.