“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No More SoCal/No More USA and No More Dead Weight Traveling Companions

I cant possibly deal with someone who isnt serious about fighting the NWO. Someone who isnt out here for a noble cause but becuz he got in trouble for something. The compromise necessary in order to have someone around for mere companionship and safety isnt worth it. Not if they aren't going to help fight the oppressive culture out there and only live to just get their own needs met. I'm going to deal with any and all harassment now in order to stay somewhere free of cost and finally leave.America. This horrible country doesnt like me and I dont like America. Southern Cali is a shithole. Its all oblivious YUPpie scum and really poor underprivileged people they ignore. They r total assholes. I now understand the riots, the gangs, the Panthers and the anger. But they make sure they have plenty of cops, military bases and intelligence goons and House Slave Mexicans and blacks to mind their little empire for them. Forget going after NY...waste of time. SoCal needs to fall into the ocean by any means necessary. Even NorCal is ridiculous at this point. All these places have been infiltrated and I suspect always have been. The 60s probably came about by design not chance. Its horrible here. Im escaping tonight and never want to see or hear of SoCal unless someone tells me its been bombed to hell or an earthquake via natural causes or HAARP I dont care which, finally snaps this piece of garbage into the ocean. I now understand why California produces the largest amount of serial killers compared to any other state. Pure frustration along with the total oblivion and arrogance of its population. Im giving myself two months, then Im leaving to find somewhere without any Abrahamic religious nonsense or other unpleasant influences. Theres got to be a place just for the folk left on earth. That doesnt tolerate being invaded by the cancer that IS American culture. I'd even join a White Seperatist movement in Europe becuz of all the immigration destroying my ancestral homelands-being an advocate of Europeoples in the USA isnt appropriate due to the land having been stolen and the Natives basically genocided. Mexican tribes lived in SoCal partially so while I dont like them for their house slaving for the establishment in the US now I can't advovate to keep them from what was originally their's as indigenous peoples. I know people in other countries gang stalk as well and they wont like me becuz I am an American. Yet there's enough anti-Americanism so that an expat who left due to horrible conditions of oppression here might be a desirable victim-witness to America's corruption. If I am also written off as mentally ill over there too there still might b enough anti-Americanism still for me to find an outlet for my hatred of the USA without doing anything violent. Working against the USA through anti American policy from abroad might be enough to satisfy my hatred and vengeance. So Cal is the perfect example of whats wrong with America. The entire culture typifies the waste, greed, isolationist American culture. Horrid new money snobs that make any decent Bostonian prefer a cardboard box on the street to their lifestyle representing 'the rich'. Ive never seen so many ugly people, plastic surgery victims and ugly, old, flabby bodies stuffed into what I assume are expensive clothes. Learn to dress appropriately for your age and body types...augh. Some of it has just been horrifying. Id rather be f*cking poor and from Boston. Assholes dressing all edgy looking homeless but they drive a small poor man's Lexus. Ive almost vomited a few times at the sagging asses and tummies stuffed into tight riding pants with high boots..and a nose job of course coming out of Horton Plaza. Their inability to mind their own business shows they havent been rich for multiple generations-hasnt anyone ever informed them that NOT drawing attention to something is the classy thing to do instead of staring or worse yet, staring then making judgemental faces. Mostly people who look like they harbor Mex descent somewhere. And Ive had enough of uppity Mexicans here to last a lifetime. They're disgusting really. There are more pure Mexicans who are very nice and earthy but the Uppity Mexicans are just intolerable. I do believe Ive had enough of everyone's bullshit in SoCal and in the USA generally.