“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 8, 2012

On The Joseph Kennedy Jr/Raytheon Post (sorry about spacing I will fix tomorrow..uuugghhh new blogger interface YOU SUCK)

I came by this story by way of trying to still figure out what the real deal was with Ted Kennedy. The timing of his joining FFCH and doing that video about MK Ultra was way to convenient. And he could have been bought off long ago either FOR Chappaquiddick by being set up, framed etc or possibly he could have murdered Mary Jo who formerly worked with Bobby and perhaps knew too much- thus maybe saving his own life and perhaps gaining the favor of some powerful people thus guaranteeing his life and career in future. http://prevarication.net/2010/01/mary-jo-kopechne-chappaquiddick-and-the-real-cover-up/

If this was the case, then he could have been working with the disinfo system that is so obviously part of Freedom From Covert Harassment around 2007,8 etc. Then again, he may have not known what FFCH was really about and genuinely wanted to help.

Its hard to tell with people from my own area. Catholics, the elite, criminals...they are so damn good here at deception. So good and conning, all with those angelic Irish faces. Those rugged Italian faces, supposedly honest and hard working but connected with dirty money. The mob guys make sure they act as sweeeet asss piiieeee. Its disgusting. After years away from this place, I see right through it and its gross. You can plainly see the bad guy within whos just a wrong move away from coming out (yes, YOUR wrong move that might offend him or her). I am genuinely sick of the north east's bullshit.

Yet, he died of cancer, shortly after getting involved in what seemed like my campaign. Like my grandfather he died while I was away.
 I recall seeing it on a paper in Berkeley CA wandering in Brokeland (Berkeley-Oakland) leaving a squat house wondering where to go next. That no longer mattered when I saw that front page. You always wonder if you are guilty for someone's death in this. I know they have murdered people trying to MAKE me feel guilty but that will never happen. THATS ON THEM. But when you doubt someone's efforts and distrust them such as I did with Kennedy, it always makes you feel bad that perhaps you should have trusted them.

Also I had this Pink Floyd song on my blog for years for my family. The entire song from ANIMALS that basically I dedicated to my family, my friends and the community. I believe it was something about animals- three different kinds. Pigs, dogs and something. In it venom is let loose on all these scumbags who obviously messed with Floyd or its members in various ways. One thing bothered me though was that one of the hated characters was described as "an old man/dying of cancer". Floyd was rubbing it in that this person was going to pay for his years of abuse of power by dying alone with cancer. That always bothered me. You have to remember, the incident I wrote about where in Buffalo NY, a man jumped from a building to his death and it seemed as if the system has a way of hacking into people with THETA programming to redirect that 'energy' if you will, to influence another person to act. I know its true, becuz part of me recalls that happening. Lets say, the part that isnt so human or nice. I assume this is why its important to do brain damage to the Survivor, to prevent us from being hacked and used in this manner. Whats odd is that it seems some form of tech is used to hack the human mind, to utilize its psychic abilities against the owner's Will. If a person has THETA, and is an assasin, they should not recall doing such things except under hypnosis or as a recalled memory. I had no recollection of doing such things before in my life. Other than the strange ability to curse people if they crossed me genuinely but I always thought that was just an oddity. Or some sort of Irish thing or something from the Europe- you know how women are witchy in these cultures as part of our pagan past. Its never admitted to openly though unless one embraces paganism.

So, that choice of music then he dies in that manner. And I ignored his efforts completely- but I know I had to. Becuz no one could be trusted at that time. If he was being genuine, he was being stupid so I left it alone. And if the perps wanted to do more spiritual and emotional damage with that as psych warfare, they succeeded. Which still doesnt matter becuz I DID MY JOB. I held my activism or whatever this is first and not personal feelings. Always when you get into the Kennedy's you can immerse yourself in something that seems like a mystery but never reveals its secrets. But its obvious they are there. The coincidences, circumstances.

(go to original. Better quality.) http://www.anorak.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/7392087-300x239.jpg

And in a family photo once again, a future president IS FEATURED STANDING DEAD CENTER IN THE GROUP, APPEARING SEPERATED FROM EVERYONE ELSE AS IF STANDING IN A DIVINE LIGHT. Ive found pics like this of Ford, Obama, Hitler and Kennedy. Its eerie. And what of the two on the sides who died, Kathleen and Joe Jr (whom this article was about linked above)? Did they die for reasons of necessity? To create the right circumstances or did they know too much about the family and perhaps seemed of a less predatory or compliant character than thier siblings and couldnt be trusted? Its odd...just looking at them in this pic they actually look like weak links among the family members. Joe's image is even fuzzy, weak. JFK's defined and clear. As if he and Kathleen would 'fade' out of the picture eventually in time.

I know people are lying now, just by listening to them. I used to know by way of being innocent enough to simply listen to my guidance system or just 'know'. Now I know, becuz I know how evil people can be, conscouisly. I see things now, in faces, circumstances and in photographs. I used to look at someone and know they were going to die. Old people were just as it goes but seeing children illuminated was not easy, yet, that was also Nature's will and way. Now I cant tell such things blissfully unconscious but I know by circumstances. I know by feel as a human being not a spirit.

 The damage this system does is to take away any and all innocence you have and damn you to a life fully conscious here on earth. To destroy all the things you had that kept you sane while you 'knew' things about time, space, places and people. Harvard Sq is especially difficult. There are so many places there where Revolutionary struggles still have energy hanging around. Corners, streets, houses. One apartment building on the way to my sleep spot is so black, such a void, that to go by it one can feel it sucks the moving and life energy from the space its in and it drains me just to pass by it. Almost EVERY TIME I PASS BY IT. Before I was equipped with self defense mechanisms so I would ignore such a presence or be able to 'ace' it spiritually and control its effect on me. This system doesnt save people's souls, it doesnt redeem people it doesnt turn Satanic children into Godly ones. It only ensures that WOMEN especially, cant be magickians. It ensures that people who have power cant have command of that power and cant protect themselves- we can now only live as victims of our surroundings.

Anyone who thinks that this isnt to benefit the worst factions of beings and people here on earth to help further the NWO is self delusional or a liar. If you are Christian or whatever you are and think GOD told you to be part of gang stalking a Target or you did it for Cause Stalking you have been used. The only people who want to ensure that the good guys cant counter their magickal prowess are the bad guys. The dark forces that are behind creating the NWO and enslaving mankind. But to YOUR deceived minds, you hear 'god' telling you to help destroy me or other Targets. Some idiot actually tried to suggest that my mother believes that God told her to do this to me.

THAT, I know from experience with that woman is either a cover from that very evil part of her that makes her do these things or she's exercising her sick sense of humor by thinking up things she knows stupid people will believe then laughing at them behind thier backs. My mother hates the public. She's hissed at me that she doesnt care about people. This is a woman who used to read book after book about serial killers. When asked why she claimed it was that she wanted to know one when she met one. After being a bartender in Allston for ten years with a brother who worked for the mob you'd figure she'd realize she's probably more likely to have met one back then in her youth than now. Or that she'd always be savvy enough to know one.
I knew the real reason was that she was studying them, and partially admiring them. And slowly I had to watch her years later put all she'd learned to use.
 After years of being kept from a good life, after years of being harassed, controlled, coddled yet abused and kept down this system starts to take a toll on the human spirit. MOST PEOPLE LOOSE THIER HUMANITY. Literally. You have no idea what a suffering, sad, sick person my mother has become. But she was not always this way- they made her this way. I had to watch her fall into being that creature. And for her to succumb to the behavior modification program that I am also in. You can read in my posts how I am starting to lose it to racism and religious hatred. I have a nice healthy hatred for fourth wave immigrants now too. But unlike my mother I react more like my father, I travel and keep things fresh instead of allowing them to make me sour to one environment's surroundings- I just leave and travel. MY FATHER HAS TRAVELED ACCORDING TO HIS SISTER TO VARIOUS PARTS OF EUROPE MOSTLY EASTERN EUROPE which I cant figure out, though he is polish and Lithuanian. He probably gets messed with over there too.

Just like in East Germany if you had a rebellious nature that cant be controlled like whichever parent you are more like who was a danger to the system in place, YOU WOULD BE TARGETED JUST LIKE THAT PARENT. Which is why my situation is so like Danny's. Which is also why its so easy to claim he's schizo, so am I, and its simply genetic.
Which laughably they so tried to intimate in the beginning of this going 24/7 but after years of my resistance they slowly knocked it down to Aspberger's, then to trying to convince me of being BiPolar with directed conversations on buses as of just a year or two ago lol. Hysterical. It just goes to show that if you DONT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS THEY HAVE TO MAKE THE MOVES OR LOWER THIER DEMANDS. Still they can go f*ck themselves.

I had to WATCH OVER YEARS that woman loose herself to this program. She used to be human. She used to have a soul in her eyes. She used to be her own person. And that was only intermittent I could see that in her- when she wasnt staring off into space kneading a meatloaf at the kitchen table, obviously PTSDing her ass off going through years of memories in her head, trying to deal with the stress of this system's demands on her as well as raise a child as well as her own issues- and we all know the truth: her own internal programming. I dont care if my own family is after me or whatever they are doing. I know damn well they are firstly none too bright and secondly they are very weak when it comes to breaking this ridiculous bond created by having one monster pedo predator parent and another manipulative very Catholic mother. The kids are gonna pick someone to be the saint and my grandmother played it very well. Like I posted before- expert in central control of the family. I dont trust her, I dont trust my dad's family certainly (Secret Service work for Kennedy? So, what about those claims they are also involved in Mafia? Another reason to be suspect of Kennedy's moves.)
 My paternal side. Ive seen them pull things before that were sneaky, manipulative and full of malice. I dont fuckin trust them for shit. If they wanted to help me all those years they would have contacted me. They always acted like they knew what was up with my mother's family. Or they were just..sneaky and up to something somehow. Do you see now why I would rather be back with my sleazy friends and my old lover again? At least I knew what they were going to pull and how selfish they were and what backstabbing they were capable of. When people who share your DNA make themselves seem more akin to some crazy, surreal aliens on planet X compared to treating you like a real human being, its better to be around the sleaze bags you know and can control who DONT have the same DNA. That really hurts when people who look like you genetically and have the physical bond of sharing the same flesh do those things. They are extremely dangerous compared to just friends. Whatever Jake or Julie were doing was a joke compared to the sneaking around and mysterious nonsense my families have always been up to. Or having to watch my mother twist into such a sick person. I'll get this system for that too. She was potentially a beautiful person.

 I used to tell her to become an advocate if she wanted to change things so damn badly and stop talking about it. She'd reply just like Julie "I cant". Julie would say of staying in the business "I have to". Both of them so tethered. Whats the worst these jerks can do, kill you? Destroy your life? Drive you nuts? So what? FREEDOM AND EXERCISING YOUR WILL IS WORTH REBELLING. Its as if this system believes everyone who's from a 'bad' family (ie- cant afford to pay off big to cover thier crimes) deserves to be in thier debt and employ for generations. Piss off. They really believe they own us all. Well, they can certainly try.

And you dont have to become a Christian either- in fact I think its a very reactionary, suspect move. When you've got perps coming up to you first asking "Where's your God now?" (snicker) and sporting t-shirts with Satanic logos (which they as agents obviously opened up recently due to the folds still in the shirt-duuuhhh), then years later its getting bombarded with Jesus content and Christian crap, and people coming up to you on the sidewalk going by saying "If only you would become a Christian!"...but wait! I thought you were godless Satanists!! WA HAPPENED????? LMFAO. Then of course recently the whole Jew encounter where after hearing me listening to Va playing a song Angel Tears, some Israeli song I happen to like, they start approaching me with some guy with a slightly foriegn accent advising me (almost threatening me with) becoming a Jew becuz "all the greatest women in Jewish history werent Jewish, they were converts!" Are you getting a laugh out of this?
 WHAT THEY FUCK DOES ANY OF THAT HAVE TO DO WITH DARPA, 9-11 AND RAYTHEON AND OTHER MILITARY CONTRACTORS BEING IN ON NOT ONLY 9-11 BUT OBVIOUSLY THE NWO AND ALONG WITH ACADEMIA, USING MK ULTRA AND ALL ITS FINDINGS IN THIER GOALS to control populations world wide- to rule the world. Its all diversion and behavior modification??!!! To ensure that those of us who are here to fight cant, thats why.
 Remember, its to neutralize an enemy. And even though we are the good guys, on the right side of this- when you go up against a major powers and authority if you simply are against thier agenda you are a terrorist. You are an enemy. Note how I use thier advice against them. Bush told us not to give in psychologically to terrorism. Well, I didnt go shopping lol, but I did take part of his advice. Isnt it interesting what a rebel Bush the younger is anyway. He has done more to out this system than anybody- he even gives advice on how to counter it, along with alot of bullshit (go shopping) so you have to know whats valuable and whats not. If he wasnt so overtly obnoxious would anyone have known or be as offended by what was going on? I think Bush has alot of resistance internally or some at least and alot of guilt about being part of this as his family has been for generations. He can be as evil as he wants but Ive seen that guy, once before this all went 24/7 on tv, walking up to his mother and father to greet them publicly. There is something wrong with that family. I dont care what people say or what they claim or how good they make it look. Bush the younger seems to actually possess some sort of humanity whereas his parents fully go along with the agenda as, whatever creatures they are. Perhaps they are simply products of thier time- a time that is now up in the world and its politics. He was apprehensive about shaking his father's hand and his mother had this incredible sense of..denial in her spirit and body language. I can see her shunning anything that might have gone wrong at any time in that family. Recently I saw some video of one of the grandkids, the girls there, crying, with Bush the elder crying and everyone CRYING...it was ridiculous. One of the girls said "Why are we such CRYERS??!". Do you really want to know why? If you ever started to know why, you would cease to exist. You'd be either killed or driven nuts and committed or discredited and sent far out of the spotlight of that family. I had to grow up with that for years. I hate those lies and the stupidity of asking why. Its becuz there is a pain so great that you do not see that you are not accounting for within you that is expressing itself through this life, that seems so simple that you think is all there is to you. The Bush's put on such a great facade. I really want to believe it. I do, I want to be just like them. Their kind of people's lives looks so much easier, so attractive....so much more damn suited to my tastes than this. But then, that would be buying into a deception- and all the years of work up til I got targeted 24/7 was all about being free of that. I wont stop now, no matter how bleak everything looks. Its hard becuz, part of me sympathizes with the elite. I cant stand the proles. I cant stand the nobodies and the common scum that get to make fun of me. That think they know whats going on or DO and are part of it to make money off of me. I agree they are stupid have no morals and are largely of bad character and low intelligence. Part of me especially in youth hated them so severely, I would do anything to be away from them. Like party and stay up all night just to not have to be part of thier 'day world'. Even now it horrible and they are horrible. I suppose wealthy people are working during the day but in my position its not they I would have been around. It wouldnt have been possible anyway. But I see there are good people among the total idiots out here. There are wolves among the sheep like me, like us that are smart, cunning and deserve to know whats going on. There are people who genuinely are intelligent enough to know something is off and they ask why the country could do such things- and why isnt anybody doing anything about it? Its impossible to just leave the people that are out here unprotected to just suffer this when they want answers. Its not fair. They arent like the others, they arent stupid, totally greedy, self absorbed jerks who believe what they are told or are stupid but self assured- in order to get what they want from authority. And as it works out they are probably the only people who are going to pay attention to my writing or my final product anyways- I know all the scum will simply go along with this or people who are too stupid to care whats actually going on. Its wrong that so many people have died and had thier lives ruined so that DARPA and Raytheon and all these families and companies can keep making money off of the cult of death known as the military industrial complex. And ultimately, as in the real world, in the spirit world, youve got spiritual policemen. Its why myself and so many other people who this has happened to relate so much with St Michael. And I am not Christian. It just comes up naturally. I noticed in a police station once a statue of St Michael The cops must use this as some patron Saint. Ive never been one of those people whos a wanna be cop so dont even try to say I am trying to pretend to be one. I may suffer a bit of Stockholm Syndrome or results of years of behavior modification due to having the cops as such a part of the intimidation and content in my program but I did not originally begin as such. My mother was always the one hanging out with people we now call First Responders. I couldnt STAND her seeking out male authority like that- I thought it was weak. I always wanted to cling to strong, intellectual females- usually rich kids gone bad but still doing something to bring them power. Strong communicators like me. The short of it is that even though Ive heard many Satanists claim there are no rules- there are. YOU CANT USE TECHNOLOGIES TO ENSLAVE MANKIND. If that were the case it would have been that easy by nature and natural design on this planet, not by being technomancers. If this planet were supposed to be ruled by such people as are trying to rule it now it would have been DESIGNED that way from its inception. The dark forces are supposed to challenge and perhaps strengthen man, and to take out the weakest ones. Not rule over ever human being as if its THIER domain. Everything that dark forces can do to humans in deceiving them traditionally and historically is how its supposed to be. Its NOT supposed to be as easy as using cell towers or chem trails or obsessing them with technologies which then train them like mindless monkeys. There is this theory I keep getting from what seems like the Masonic factions in this: that soon the planet will be uninhabitable or that its time for man to move on to space or other worlds etc. To do this man must be controlled and the primitive urges that he used to survive here on earth must be removed from his nature or controlled. Even hybridising him with technologies. Yet, its all by THIER design. Its also all about removing man from his state of self containment into this hive with all other humans in humanity. Humans have to Will, no choice, no individuality. Its nothing but an empty promise and a golden cage. Why must torture and torment be used as methods of controlling society? Constant, normalized torture. They are trying to breed the humanity OUT OF HUMANS is what they are trying to do. They are playing god and deciding by what designs humans will become formed to. THEY DECIDE. Not us. In this process we lose our spirits and perhaps whatever it is that we have deemed our souls. It seems more likely that the elite involved in this want only to create slaves for thier worlds abroad in space just as they have always done here on earth. These ideas are probably going to be received as Christian in nature. Yet what was man before Christianity? Whatever he was through the ages that survived and thrived is NOT what they are creating or allowing to exist in the NWO.